Wednesday, March 29, 2017

The Wednesday Post

The Disillusionment of Jigsaw Puzzles
Now to octopi band!

The first Wednesday Post giveaway in, like, forever!

Every three years or so, whether I need to or not, I like to offer up a few completed jigaw puzzles.

This time it's one of Cezzane's famous series of "French Guys Playing Cards."  It has 1000 highly squiggly pieces, and although they are on a regular grid I must warn (or entice) you that the limited color palette makes this a real butt-thumper among jigsaw puzzles.  Here's a poor photograph!

If you would like to have this impeccably artsy puzzle sent to you -- perhaps by the Wednesday post! -- just say so in the comments.  If you kind of want it, but someone else seems to have already claimed it, then it is only sporting to advance a counter-claim.  If you dislike jigsaw puzzles, there's nothing wrong with that.

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Morgan said...

I'd like to be sent a jigsaw puzzle, but not to keep, so I'd need someone to send it along to after I'm done.