Saturday, October 28, 2017

The Infinite Art Tournament, First Elimination Round #63/64

Faceoff #1: Tàpies v. Wilson

Antoni Tàpies
1923 - 2012

Tied with Vladimir Tatlin in his first try at Round One.
Lost to Frederic Leighton, badly, in a Round 1 tiebreaker.


Richard Wilson
1713 - 1782

Lost to Konrad Witz in Round 1 by a single vote. YOUR VOTE COUNTS!!!

Faceoff #2: Wright of Derby v. Yeats

Joseph Wright of Derby
1734 - 1797

Tied for Fifth in Phase 1, Flight 5 of the Play-In Tournament, with a voting score of .385.
Won a spot in the Main Tournament Brackets back in the second "Fight for Their Right" Contest.
Lost to Grant Wood in Round 1.


Jack Butler Yeats
1871 - 1957

Pounded by Andrew Wyeth in Round 1.

Vote for the two artists of your choice! Votes generally go in the comments, but have been known to arrive by email, by postcard, or in a sealed envelope.

Please note that you may vote only once in each face-off.  Opining that both of the artists in one of the two face-offs is superior to the other is fine, but casting your votes for two artists in the same face-off is not permissible.


Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

I got the 1st guy in the first contest

And I got the 1st guy in the second one.

This goes to show you that I don't vote against the abstract guy every time. Is it possible all these years coming by here that I've developed an objective taste in art???????????

Christine M. said...

Wilson & Wright

Morgan said...

Wilson and Wright for sure. This is a rather strong first elimination round!

Unknown said...

Wilson and Wright

DrSchnell said...

Wilson, Wright o' Derby

Unknown said...

Tapies + Wright

mrs.5000 said...

Tapies and Wright of Derby.

pfly said...

Wilson and the Derby dude

boonec1974 said...

Hmmmm.... Not really feeling any of these. I guess Tapies and Wright.

nichim said...

I prefer the first choice in both contests

Michael5000 said...

Both the bottom two if I could, but since I can't, I'll go with Wilson and Wright of Derby.

Candida said...

Wilson and Wright of Derby.

Michael5000 said...

Susan votes for Wilson and Wright of Derby.

Michael5000 said...

OK, what do we have this time? Well, Tapies took four votes up took, but Wilson piled up nine and won it pretty easily. But on the bottom, BOOM! Wright of Derby went to town on poor Yeats, claiming all thirteen votes and delivering one of the biggest skunkings of the entire Tournament. It's a tough break for Yeats, who only took a single vote in his two matches and will have the worst record of anybody in the Tournament.