Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Games that Were, the Games that Will Be

I: The Games That Were: the Quiz

Who says Americans don't know their world geography! Well, lots of people say that, actually. But ignorance was nowhere in evidence this week as multiple perfect scores on the Countries of Africa topic shut down competition in the Thursday Quiz before the workday was even underway.
Ms. "Ask Me About Senegal" Karin made her first quiz star a gold one, spiritual traveler Austin seconded that emotion for the silver, and quiz stalwart Rex Parker made it look easy to claim the blue star, the second for his virtual trophy shelf. Props.

II: The Games That Were: Tough Week for Michael5000

It's not so much that mydogischelsea decided to run a twelve item "is it or isn't it" quiz of her own -- homage, I can live with. It's that her quiz really kicked my ass. Hoist on my own petard, I was. Guess I had it coming.

Compounding the misery, I was cast in a reality blog show -- you know, one of those 30-men-vie-desperately-for-the-attention-of-the-women-bloggers deals -- and was then voted off the proverbial island in the first round. Confused? Not to worry. So is everyone involved, not least Blythe and dmbmeg, whose mutual brainchild this was. The important thing is, I was good and humiliated in a public forum.

Aw, just kidding about the humiliation of course. Blythe, the one who actually gave me the axe, was super nice about it. It was a real honor to be nominated in the first place and tons of super fun while it lasted! I have no regrets, and certainly bear no rancor towards Blythe, shown here in a picture I found somewhere on the internet:

III: The Games that Will Be: The Monday Quiz?

There has been some behind-the-scenes kvetching that the Thursday Quiz is toooo haaard. Well, let me say this about that: the Thursday Quiz is supposed to be hard! I'm not in the business of passing virtual stars out like candy, people! Virtual stars must be earned!

Still, as I am sensitive to the wants and needs of my readership -- not to say a craven comment ho -- I am mulling over a more (shall we say) inclusive Monday quiz. One that would be less intimidating, less competitive, more friendly for the whole L&TM5K family. For instance, one thought was just a less challenging quiz in the same format, which has the benefit (for me) of being fun and relatively easy to construct. Thoughts? Input?

Just to clarify: The Thursday Quiz isn't going anywhere. It's the quiz of champions. Just ask Rebel, Jessica, Rex, or Karin.

IV: The Games That Will Be: Predictions have more cred when actually made in advance

1. #13 Oregon should have no trouble picking the Cardinal's defense to shreds: Oregon 49, Stanford 14.

2. Oregon State has not won at Tempe since before I was born. That's not going to change this week: Arizona State 28, Oregon State 17. [Mrs.5000, however, is picking OSU in this game. We'll see who really understands football in this house.]

3. #4 Oklahoma will face its first real challenge of the year against the Golden Tornados' explosive offense. Well, kind of. Oklahoma 61, Tulsa 31. [Is it just me, or does that team name sound really dirty?]

May I be the first to wish you a very happy weekend?


blythe said...


although, not so much for this picture. i mean, i know i look retarded.

it's because of the stupid rilo kiley concert. i'd give one of those half closed eyes in that HORRIBLE photo to have gone.

and i was nice about it! also, i'll make you an offer - you want to help me determine the next boys to be booted?

Michael5000 said...


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry that my quiz caused such a tough week for you! Jeez. Am looking forward to Monday's. I'm hoping it'll be kinda like the Monday NY Times crossword—you know, as in, it'll make me feel smart. ;)

The [Cherry] Ride said...

Niiiice photo of the Bee!!

Don't feel too bad about this "Blog of Love" thing - totally overrated.

blythe said...

ok, nevermind cherry. you're out. overrated.