Friday, September 28, 2007

The Games that Were, the Games that Will Be, Again

I: The Games That Were: the Quiz

Oh, my gentle readers. They skip quizzes on obscure presidents and Shakespeare plays because they are "too easy," they pile up perfect scores on never-discussed African countries, and they wouldn't know a Stephen King bestseller if it tore into their entrails like a huge, primordial, unaccountably savage dog-beast.

I don't think any of the week's winners expected victory. But despite herself, last week's winner Karin successfully defended her title for the gold. Quiz perennial Rex Parker took the silver, his second, and newcomer Mark Witteman matched his score early Friday morning for the blue. Kudos to them, and to everyone who gave it the ol' college try.

II: The Games That Were: (Not Such a) Tough Week for Michael5000

I didn't get that job I was all excited about it. Didn't even make the second interview cut, in fact. But in the meantime, things are looking up at the existing job, so it's all good.

Plus I nailed Mr. Shain's impromptu quiz, and he actually had a real prize on offer, unlike some cheap-ass quizzes I could name.

III: The Games that Will Be: The Monday Quiz?

I've got it! I've got it! And I owe it all to the [Cherry] Ride!

[Cherry] had this to say about the Thursday Quiz:

This game would be much more fun if it wasn't 12 questions. Can't we narrow it
down to, say, five?
The answer of course is no, no we can't. The Thursday Quiz is timeless and eternal. However, there is no reason that the Monday quiz couldn't be narrowed down to, say, five. So, [Cherry], here's your long-distance dedication: The Monday Quiz starts October 1, a relaxed earlier-in-the-week and shorter version of the Thursday Quiz.

Meanwhile, if you're got some spare creative energy on tap, I've got a practical "Name That Quilt" contest going over at State of the Craft.

IV: The Games That Will Be: And may I just point out that I have not been wrong yet this year?

1. #11 Oregon is favored by the betting community by five points over the visiting #6 Cal Bears, due to that team's inconsistency on the road and to the cheerfully hostile environment of Autzen Stadium. And friends, I can not tell you how much I will be hoping to see our beloved Ducks prevail. L&TM5K readers, however, have come to expect the unvarnished analysis of my head, not the yearnings of my heart, and so I am obligated to forecast: #6 California 45, #11 Oregon 42. Oregon will dominate three of the quarters, but give the game away in one of them.

2. However, chronically inconsistant Oregon State will make me feel better by bringing home their first major victory at their newly tarted-up home stadium: Oregon State 33, UCLA 27.

3. #4 Oklahoma takes on my in-laws' team on the road. I frankly expect the Sooners to pound them into the dirt. Oklahoma 53, Colorado 17.

Coming soon: Another Concert Rundown, some lists, another goofy photo thing, the world debut Monday Quiz... Exciting times here at L&TM5K. And stay tuned this weekend for a VERY EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT. Really.


Anonymous said...

Sorry about the job stuff. I actually got an offer today, but had to turn it down because the "competitive salary" wasn't really competitive. Not even close. Better luck next time.

Rebel said...

The thing is... the man writes a novel like every other week! It's hard to keep up. I've read Thinner, The Shinning, The Green Mile, even part of The Stand.

I hope I fare better on Monday's quiz... my ego can't take too much more of this. (and yes, the health of my ego is almost entirely determined by how well I do on internet quizes, the remainder tied to how many blog comments I get per post.) ;)

Karin said...

OMG, I won? That can't be right. The only one I knew was Misery. The rest were all complete and total guesses.

What a fluke. Not that I mind. I'll take a gold star whenever I can get it. Pretty. Shiny.

Michael5000 said...

@anonymous: The job stuff was a little disappointing, but unfortunately not disappointing enough that I felt I needed ice cream to console myself. I kind of wish I had been just a little more disappointed, as I like ice cream.

@rebel: There, there. I thought your approach to this one was elegant (in the mathematical sense, yo), and it would have got you a star if I hadn't been reeeealy sleepy on Thursday night, so that the Friday morning people got to sneak it. Also, we're all comment hos here.

@karin: Not a fluke! Not a fluke! You used reason, which along with luck is an important and overlooked aspect of the successful quiz-taking experience.

Heatherbee said...

So did I miss the part where you told us the answers? Maybe you were just trying to save us losers from total humiliation. I still want to know, though.

Michael5000 said...

@Heatherbee: Answers are in the comments of the quiz post.

Mr. Shain said...

uhm, yeah, so i havent mailed it, but it is sitting in my car (which is a very good start). it's coming, i swear.