Sunday, September 23, 2007

One Way I Am Different From You

Mine has gloves!



I neglected to mention last post that, in addition to the three official winners of the Thursday quiz, mydogischelsea and ChuckDaddy2000 also submitted perfect scores later in the day. For this they do not get stars, but they do get accolades.


College Football Weekend Roundup

This is what it's like to be an Oregon Ducks fan: you start the season skeptical, but then get swept off your feet with a series of dominating performances against challenging opponents until you have dreams of a national title swirling through your sorry green and yellow heart. Then, during the fourth or fifth game of the season, after Oregon has built a commanding lead against a so-so opponent and you are beginning to pity the poor young men of the opposing side, something happens. Somebody becomes overconfident, or an opponent's offensive coordinator notices a weak spot, or something, and suddenly the big plays are all going the other way. The game, and then the season, gets flushed down into the sewers of broken football dreams.

That didn't happen this weekend, but it sure looked like it was going to. The Ducks' first play was a 75-yard touchdown pass, and after a dominant first quarter, they were up 21 - 3. Then came a long, strange nightmare of a second quarter, in which lowly Stanford put up four touchdowns to lead 31 - 21, before a field goal brought the Ducks back within seven at the half.

Final score? The ducks won 55 - 31. So that's good, they can clearly recover from adversity. My heart wasn't broken this weekend. No, it will likely be broken next weekend.

#13 Oregon 55, Stanford 31. (M5K's prediction was: UO 49, Stanford 14)

Arizona State 44, Oregon State 32. OSU took a quick 19 - 0 lead to get us all excited, but got ground down in the stretch. (M5K's prediction was: ASU 28, OSU 17)

San Diego State 52, Portland State 17. But, PSU's offense looked pretty good against a Division I-A opponent.

Other Games of Interest

Oklahoma 62, Tulsa 21. (M5K's prediction was: OU 61, Tulsa 31)

Michigan 14, #10 Penn State 9. Strange days in Ann Arbor.

Kansas 55, Florida International 3. Cute! Cute!

Southern Oregon 34, Willamette 27. I don't think Rebel even reads this part.


Rebel said...

Yes I do! I just don't... um... what's the word.... care. =P

Go Bearcats!

PS - what's with the gloves?

Anonymous said...

I appreciate the accolades, but I am wondering what the M5000 bylaws specify in regards to this issue. I do not remember reading a clause stating that only the first three correct answers receive stars, but subsequent correct answers mere accolades. Harumph. I guess next week I'll just have to check my feed reader as religiously as I do my email. =)

Michael5000 said...

@rebel: Go Bearcats!

The gloves are frequently useful. Never know when you might need to move firewood, bricks, and other dirty, heavy things in your pickup truck. I'm not just about pretty fabric, you know.

@mydog: Hmm. Looking back at the official Thursday Quiz rules and regulations from way back in the beginning, I note that they don't quite reflect actual practice as it has evolved over the years. I will make a correction this week. And good luck at your new job.

blythe said...

ooh. good work on the ou prediction. it's going to be a good season.

chuckdaddy2000 said...

You can take your f$%*#ing accolade and stick it up your a$&

Michael5000 said...

@Chuck: Your message seems to have been garbled in transmission. But, I can tell what you were trying to say, and ~ You're welcome for the accolades! It's the least I could do.

Heatherbee said...

You may not be all about pretty fabric, but I notice those look like WHITE gloves in your glove box...maybe even WHITE SUEDE gloves?