Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Monday Quiz I

All right, listen up. As I explained on Friday, the new Monday Quiz is image-based, and not especially designed to be easy (although it might be. Depends on whether you know the answers.)

For those of you who respond well to extrinsic motivation, the reward structure is a little different too. Stars will remain the province of the Thursday Quiz. After experimenting with hearts, moons, clovers, and new blue diamonds, we have arrived on the reward for success in the Monday Quiz: the virtual exclamation point.

These will be given to the person, or persons, who get the most answer right. Got that? Person, or persons. Which means, in the Monday Quiz there is no premium for getting to the right answers first. You've got until at least 8 p.m. Pacific Time Monday.

O.K. With no further ado, let's hit

The Monday Quiz I

which is on the topic of

20th Century History in Photographs

Here goes:

1. Where are we?

2. What just happened?

3. What doomed cause has this man just given his life for?

4. It's August, 1968. What's going on?

5. Who is this man? What are his circumstances?

And we're off! Submit your answers in the form of a comment.


Rex Parker said...

I got 1, 2, and 4, I think.

Iwo Jima
Soviets invade Czech (Prague?)

Guessing now:

3: Spanish Civil War
5: A tsar of some kind... on the run

Ick. That's all I got.


G said...

1. Iwo Jima
2. MLK Jr. was just assassinated
3. Spanish Civil War??
4. Soviets in Prague
5. Tsar Nicholas II before getting shot by the Bolsheviks


Now that I look at Rex's answers, I feel like I'm just copying him. I swear I'm not, though.

d said...

1. iwo jima
2. mlk, jr.
3. me.
4. wasn't that the summer of love? but this doesn't look very loving. or american for that manner. man. i SUCK at history.
5. he looks foreign. and maybe russian. the last tzar?

fingerstothebone said...

Dr. King was just assassinated
Spanish civil war
The Soviets just arrived at Prague...or was it the student uprising at Prague...or did it all happen at the same time
Haven't a clue!

(There, I just gave myself a '!')

Rebel said...

1. Iwa Jima (sp?)
2. MLK was just assasignated =(
3. Mexican Revolution??
4. Oh that paris? I think this is in Paris some student rebellion, I'm wishing I was paying attention when we went past that monument and my French History Ph.D. friend was explaining it. It's on the grounds of the Bastille I think.
5. Um... some Dictator guy was on his way to invade some eastern european country but needed to stop for a potty break?

Rebel said...

hmmm.... reading everyone else's answers does not make me feel very confident!!!

Karin said...

1. Iwo Jima
2. MLK Jr. just got shot
3. They're all saying the Spanish Civil War and whatnot. So it probably is, but I was gonna say the atom bomb. Y'know, observing from really far away. They did that.
4. Prague is falling.
5. Serious Russian looking dude

Anonymous said...

1. Iwo Jima. Of course it's Iwo Jima. Isn't it?

2. JFK has just been shot. (Alternate: aficionados of the short-lived "fireworks at noon" movement.)

3. Spanish Civil War, Communist side.

4. Russian tanks rolling in to put down Czech uprising. And my sister-in-law is born here in Prague the same month. We get extra points for establishing a personal connection, no?

5. Czar Nicholas waiting around for his eventual execution. (Alternate: Prussian folklorist leading ill-starred expedition to prove the existence of wood sprites.)

Anonymous said...

OK, so I'm the only one on your planet who didn't know it was MLK, but at least I've demonstrated that I don't look at other people's answers.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you never told us about the Popes! I thought this blog was service-oriented!

Anonymous said...

1. Iwo Jima
2. MLK shot
3. No idea
4. Russians entering Prague
5. Tzar Nicholas. Circumstances not good.

The [Cherry] Ride said...

So depressing. You've just sent me into a depressive episode. Thanks.

Michael5000 said...

@Mrs.: Took care of the papal lapse.

@[Cherry]: Well, history is depressing. Wars, shootings, invasions, others wars, deposings....

Jessica said...

1. Iwo Jima
2. MLKjr just got shot.
3. Adequate office space for Kutztown faculty and student lounge in Lytle...? I don't know.
4. I'm guessing the summer of love wasn't happening in Europe?
5. He's Mr. Military 'Stache from someone's blog. His circumstances... I've placed him in the wrong century.

Boo said...

1.Iwo Jima
2. MLK Jr. killed
3. Calorie free potato chips
4. Something Russian
5. This man is snazzy.

I feel bad being jokey about them as they all seem pretty devastating. I have not idea past #2 obviously.

Wow! I was surprised to see a quiz on Monday. I have to read back a bit.

Anonymous said...

Not even going to attempt this. Entirely too embarrassing. Only image I even recognize is the first one.

Michael5000 said...

All right campers! Well done, and great turnout for the inaugeral M.Q. Tell your friends and neighbors all about it.

Now then, some answers:

1) We're on Iwo Jima. Specifically, we're atop Mt. Suribachi, but I only bring that up because I like the name "Mt. Suribachi." Also the word "atop." But basically, we're on Iwo Jima.

2) MLK has just been shot.

3) The falling soldier is a leftest resisting fascism in the Spanish Civil War.

4) It was, in fact, the day of my birth when the Soviets rolled into Prague to crush the popular uprising of the "Prague Spring" and, like some sort of malicious groundhog seeing the sunshine, imposed another 24 years of totalitarianism.

5) Czar Nicholas II -- or "Tsar Nicholas II" as he liked to be called -- the hapless final monarch of imperial Russia, in captivity, after his abdication and before his execution.

Michael5000 said..., trying to be fairly stringent without being all persnickity either, I'm thinking an inaugeral exclamation point goes to g, with special oh-so-close recognition for Rex. Maybe a semi-colon or something.

d said...

i think rebecca should get something for the funniest comment ever.

i almost blew coffee out of my nose.

calorie free potato chips indeed.

Rex Parker said...

I was robbed. Totally robbed. I didn't name "Nicholas" and that's why I don't win?! I also don't have "??" after "Spanish Civil War". And I was First.

I decline my semicolon.


Michael5000 said...

You see, there will be a little of this every week now. "Nicholas," "last tsar," "Russian Revolution," "abdication," all would have crossed that fine, fine line. Or if "some tsar on the run" had been a more viable pun for, say, "Band on the Run."

I shoulda stayed with the scantron tests.


Rex Parker said...

In his mind, believe me, that tsar is Totally Running...


Michael5000 said...

[cue "Wings"] ...and the Reds, the Whites,
the Trotskeyites, were searching everyone, for the tsar on the run, tsar on the run....

blythe said...

ah crap! i forgot to take the quiz! i need an email reminder. or maybe i should just add it to my outlook calendar since that's professional. who am i kidding, i also have chee-tos break and tmz reading time scheduled. next week, next week.

G said...


Anonymous said...

Any penalty for submitting about 135 hours late? Not sure why I continue to draw attention to my habitual tardiness.

1. Iwo Jima.
2. Martin Luther King has just been shot and killed. Jesse Jackson is among those on the balcony.
3. Wow, I don't have a clue. I'll say Dutch rule in South Africa. Surely his hat is Dutch.
4. Is this when Soviet tanks came into Prague? (Prague Spring?) Or maybe it's the comparable event in Hungary. I'll stick with Prague.
5. I think he is Prince Puckler, and he has just invented a custard that he will later freeze into a phallic shape. Later generations will insert flat wooden sticks into these forms. Prince Puckler will never get his proper due as the inventor of the ice cream novelty and will die lonely and toothless.