Saturday, November 24, 2007

Weekend Notebook

Isn't Football a Fun Game?

Would any of you college football fans care to know what it feels like to go, in a week, from national title contention to -- I am not making this up -- having your fourth-string quarterback brought off the field with an injury?

No, I thought you wouldn't.

Eh, it could be worse. I could be one of the quarterbacks.

How's Your Health?

Six days later, I seem to be out of the woods.

Mrs.5000, however, is a different story. She spent much of the morning engrossed in the book shown at right. This afternoon, she took to bed and has been sleeping fitfully with a low grade fever.

Since she is not a football fan, I suspect that her illness is of occult origin. If any of you old X-Files fans have any advice for me, I'm listening.

Turning to Sports...

Before Mrs.5000's mind was captured by the mysteries of The Great Pyramid, we played a game of Scrabble last night in which we combined for 820 points. 423 - 397. That's got to be some kind of record, for us anyway. In fact, I know it is, since I, um, keep meticulous records. But you could have already guessed this about me.

Online Music....

Pandora added a classical library this week to their free online music service! And it is surprisingly broad and quirky. I'm in music-streaming heaven. With the station-mixing feature, I can get consecutive selections from my stations that specialize in the various rock musics, plus electronica, old country, soul, hiphop, folk.... and now string quartets, concerti, symphonies, etc. It's like the radio station I've always dreamed of. Bliss!

Comments on Comments

Comments from The Favorite Bands, 2007

OK, I've made it my business to bring home the music that a few of you suggested, such as additional Andrew Bird, Art Brut, Voxtrot, etc. The verdict -- too early to tell. It takes me a long time to assimilate stuff, these days. I'm sure I'll love it by the time everyone else has forgotten about it.

I'm afraid I still like Mike Doughty.

Comments from The Monday Quiz III

There has been a bit of a dust-up on the topic of just how darn easy The Monday Quiz III was. Anyone who doesn't know about the Sistine Chapel, it was argued, is either still in elementary school or has lived in a cave all their life.

Don't get me wrong, the Sistine Chapel was an intentional near-gimme. But, since I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have recognized the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel -- or any other painting outside of The Last Supper and The Mona Lisa -- at my graduation from high school, I thought this might be overstated.

Now me, I had a fairly minimal basic education. Niece #3, on the other hand, recently graduated from one of the best elementary schools in Washington state, and she won something like four of six of their "Most Annoyingly Bright Student" awards. Sent the Sistine Chapel image from Monday, she was asked to identify it, its location, and painter. Her response was: I don’t know the answers to any of your questions, but my mom does. She is being most infernal, and isn’t telling me them.

I have not yet been able to find a cave hermit so that I can complete this investigation.

Comments from Do The Collapse

To address fingerstothebone's forcefully stated concerns, here's Yoyo the LOLcat!!!

Comments on The Great Movies: All About Eve

I got some love for my recent Guided By Voices content, and that inspired me to upload the scruffy little cover of "Fair Touching" that I made to test out my new concertina last spring. Listen with love in your heart, as it is but a junky home recording. Also, I do not know how to play concertina.

Here it is. It made me sad I haven't been doing any home recording recently. Too much time blogging, I suppose.


Anonymous said...

Yoyo... it's all about training. You've got to start early and be consistent. Don't shy away from biting and scratching - both are very effective ways of getting what you want. Come by at 5am tomorrow, and I'll show you how to get your owner up to feed you before their alarms go off.

Rebel said...

Sorry to hear Mrs.5000 is under the weather. If she's got triangular shaped marks behind her ear, or you find that she has been mysteriously impregnated, it's alien abduction. If there's a microchip in the back of her neck - it's paragovernmental involvement. In either case, I'll send over a navajo code-talker to pray for her. She should be fine in a couple of seasons.

Anonymous said...

Yoyo's adhereing to human grammar and spelling is laudable. Okay, I'm just glad it didn't take me as long to figure out the lol of it as is sometimes the case. Considerate lolcat.

I just bookmarked your music page. I listened to the concertina and the one below it.

It's got me moving about. I'm going back there in a few to have it as company while I clean this office.

I am not super clear on what makes a concertina (will wiki that bad boy) but I liked it! Thank you for posting it. The reminder of your tunes is going to fill this evenings chores with a new mood! Sweet!

Anonymous said...

And I just read the top. I am getting old so I thought it was a different entry.

I have no guesses as to the causes of the fever but hope she gets well soon and very glad she is not a quarterback either.

Wait . . . delayed salmonella?

Now off to the music once again.

Laura said...

Sorry, no X-Files advice for you. Have you tried WebMD?

Josh Ritter. A friend gave me his latest CD recently and I literally cannot stop listening to it. I get kind of obsessive about certain music. Anyway. I recommend it.

d said...

your team had the same kind of weekend that mine did. boo. football blows.

feel better mrs5k. emergen-c®. emergen-c®. emergen-c®.

gl. said...

how many books are there in the great pyramid series, anyway? perhaps she should quit while she's just got a mild fever. next she'll be signing in tongues and bringing the rain of fire on us.

Anonymous said...

There are at least four books in the Great Pyramid Series, but I only have 1 and 3. My system has proved quite unable to digest the chrono-gobbledygook of the Pyramid and "ITS CHRISTIAN MESSAGE TO ALL NATIONS AND ITS DIVINE CALL TO THE BRITISH EMPIRE AND U.S.A. with Iceland." The good news is, I gave up trying and I'm feeling much better.

Michael5000 said...

@sally: Bad cat!

@rebel: Have you priced a Navaho code-talker lately?

@boo: Anybody who says something nice about my music is automatically my New Best Friend.

@laura: In fact I did try WebMD. I basically told it I had a stomach flu, and it diagnosed a stomach flu. Brilliant. Also, I shall look into this Josh Ritter you speak of.

@d: No, sir, my football team did not have the same kind of weekend that your football team did.

Your football team scored points.

@gl.: But she's so cute when she's invoking a rain of fire....

blythe said...

hello!? number 9 here! even if we beat the number one team, which we will, it will do nothing for us. FU BCS. furthermore, at least you guys didn't spend however many saturdays either sweating your balls off or freezing to the bleachers (and not to mention sober) supporting a championship team that bit it. boo. i should be a better fan, but damn. also, d, i actually replaced all of my blood with emergenC. and finally, just stay with andrew bird. youtube some of his live shows. that should convert you if you appreciate talent at all.

Rebel said...

"@rebel: Have you priced a Navaho code-talker lately?"

Have you priced HMOs lately?