Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Monday Quiz IV


1. Where is this?

2. What country is this?

3. What country is this?

4. What country is this?

5. What's the basic pattern shown here?


Rebel said...

tough one today!
1. That's got to be the UK, west coast of England... but maybe an island off the coast?
2. Estonia?
3. No idea
4. French Guianna??
5. Looks like a population density map.

fingerstothebone said...

This was most definitely not easy (for me), I think you've over-compensated...I guess that's a male thing. My guesses:

1. British Isles
2. Estonia
3. Brunei, or is that Brunai?
4. Congo...might as well, nothing to lose
5. Population density

fingerstothebone said...

Argh! Of course I know that's Malaysia! Malaysia! I was so focused on the hard-to-get answer, all I could see was Brunei, which was technically also a correct anwser to your question, I think.

Laura said...

1. Scotland... Wales... Scotland... Wales... Can I just go with the British Isles? Or the UK? Does Wales count as part of the UK? Hmm. Scotland. Final answer.
2. Estonia?
3. Well, I accidentally saw fingerstothebone's comment on how it's Malaysia, so I can't really answer this question. But, to be honest, I thought it was Indonesia.
4. Angola? Burundi? Algeria? Algeria.
5. population density.

Laura said...

daaaaammit! i KNEW it was wales. Got thrown off but what I thought said "Aberdeen" but what turned out to be "Aberstwyth." Not that I'm going to win this one anyway. Just saying.

d said...

jesus dude. this one is making my brain leak out of my ears.

1. united kingdom-i think it's wales since i know it's not scotland
2. estonia
3. some group of islands somewhere. indonesia.
4. well, it's obviously in africa and it is or was a french colony. congo.
5. where all the tigers live? just kidding. this is a total guess, but i think it's a map measuring population density.

Anonymous said...

Oh, it's like climbing a little mountain of uncertainty. . .
1. Wales!
2. Estonia
3. Malaysia. . .
4. Kenya?
5. Population! (how dense we all are).

Rebel said...

Dude... on #3 I was thinking of guessing Malasia, but the language didn't look right - was this a trick question??

Anonymous said...

1. Wales
2. Lithuania
3. Malaysia
4. Republic of the Congo, or whatever they're calling it this year.
5. hmmm. Population density?

mhwitt said...

1. Where is this? The western coast line of Wales, I believe.
2. What country is this? Estonia, I think. Could be Lithuania, but I think I recal that Estonia is northern-most of the three Baltic republics.
3. Malaysia.
4. The country formerly known as Zaire. Is the name now Democratic People's Republic of the Congo? I always forget.
5. Population. More presicely, population density, I believe.

Dug said...

I don't really like being quizzed but I couldn't resist the map one!
1. Wales
2. Estonia
3..... Kind of hard to remember the order when you're in the comments section - oh yeah I remember now-
3. Malaysia
4. Congo (ex-Zaire not the Democratic one)
5. Population Density

Anonymous said...

1.Wales? UK.
2. Estonia
3. Near the straits of Malacca. Malaysia.
4. Dem. Rep. of Congo
5. Population density

G said...

1. I've been there! It's Wales!
2. Estonia? Lithuania?
3. Crap. No clue.
4. Zaire
5. Population density?

Meh. Sometimes me feel dumb. Fun quiz, though.

Chance said...

Malaysia (Nice to be able to read Cyrillic)

Anonymous said...

1. UK Wales
2. Estonia, went to Finland once and had it on the tip of my tongue but the comments gave it away.
3. I'm guessing Uzbekistan just because I like the name.
4. Africa somewhere, Congo? Oh is that the name anymore? Sheesh!
5. I'll go with population density as well but pollution might work too.

While the map is not the territory, they sure are pretty things sometimes.

Michael5000 said...

OK, campers, time's up!

1: Wales, baby! (Wales is soooo nice.)

2: Estonia

3: Malaysia

4: The Democratic Republic of the Congo, or "Congo/Zaire," or "Zaire." Technically, it's not great to call it just "Congo," as that implies The Republic of the Congo, across the river (see my monograph Brazzaville vs. Burgerville for more on the Republic of Congo), but for present purposes we'll run with it.

5. That's a population density map, as I was highly gratified to see that almost everyone recognized.

Michael5000 said...

Four exclamation points this week: mhwitt, chance, luke shimer, and dug. Well done, fellow map geeks!

Michael5000 said...

@fingers: I agree that this was a tough quiz, but it's not a compensation thing. These things are ready weeks in advance. Bonus points for your sneaky little argument about Brunei.

@d: 4/5 is awesome, considering you were undergoing brain trauma!

@sandy: So... damn... close....

@dug: good to see you in quizland.

@luke: welcome aboard.

@rebel: Not a trick question, just a Russian map of Malaysia. An elegant way of taking the placenames out of the picture, I thought. But I hadn't counted on chance's mad linguistic skillz.

Karin said...

Oh, CRAP. There I was all snuggled on the couch with Mr. Karin watching movies when I could have been acing this quiz.

What was I thinking?

Rex Parker said...

So glad I didn't take this one ... would have Bombed.


Rebel said...
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Mr. Shain said...

i would have aced this one, i promise. i love maps. and geography. and places.

Chance said...

Just a suggestion: you might leave a long (blank, or not) comment on the quizzes to prevent subconscious and/or involuntary recognition of the first couple of poster's guesses.

Michael5000 said...

The race, Mr. Shain, is to the swift.