Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Monday Quiz XXXVII

[It's the three hundredth post! Too much time goes into this!]

(What's Going on in That)
Mediaeval Art?

1. What historical event is depicted in this two images?

2. Who is this guy?

3. These images illustrate the story of ____________.

4. What's happening here?

5. And, what's happening here? Be as specific as you can.

Submit thy answers in the comments.


Rebel said...

1. the black death also known as the bubonic plaugue or "cooties"

2 Poor Jonah being swallowed by a big fish

3 Moses parting the Red Sea, the not-so-chose folks are drowning

4 the battle of hastings?

5 something specific about the crusades?

Cartophiliac said...

1. The Black Plague

2. Jonah (and his whale)

3. Moses parting the Red Sea

4. Battle of Hastings, 1066

5. The Siege of Constantinople

The Calico Cat said...

1. the black death
2. Jonah & the "whale"
3. Parting of the red sea
4. Norman Invasion
5. Based purely on the costumes something happening in the Ottoman Empire - based upon the water separating the two types of clothing something happening in Constantinople... What exactly & when, dunno

Unknown said...

1. The Black Death
2. Jonah and the whale
3. Parting of the Red Sea
4. Norman Invasion (The Battle of Hastings)
5. The Fall of Constantinople to the Ottomans, 1453, signaling the end of the Byzantine Empire

d said...

rats sure got some bad press on that one. the black plague.

jonah. how long do you think he lived in that whale?

the parting of the red sea. or how moses led them to the promised land.

some dudes are getting killed by some other dudes. or the crusades.

it looks like a siege of some sort. or the best laid plans of mice and men. or how to overthrow a wanton byzantine empire.

Anonymous said...

1. The great plague

2. Jonah

3. Parting of the Red Sea

4. Battle of Hastings (Harold's death, I think)

5. Siege of Vienna (or the summer carvinal game based on it)


Anonymous said...

1 / The Plague
2 / Jonah
3 / Moses and the Egyptians
4 / The Crusades
5 / Across the river are the bad guys, wearing the black hats. On the close side are the good guys (white hats). Given the groups' positioning and posture, one might think they are preparing for an imminent battle. But the individuals have other things on their minds.

The BlackHats are looking up and down the river, as if someone/thing else is expected to arrive. This may seem foolish, given their sworn enemies have seven cannon pointed at them, but who knows what goes on in their heads, as they're flying both the new flag of Oregon, and the Red Flag of Cowardliness. There look to be fourteen BlackHat warriors (decidedly nervous), one sunbather, and a cartoon-like mouse positioned by one of the Oregon flags. The castle they're defending has four defensive river-front towers, two with roofs. There are also a barrel-roofed building, a church-like tower, and another structure which resembles a large chess piece. Their entire fortress has been designed by a late twentieth century designer who was heavily into pinks and pastels. Their tragic flaw seems to be their weaponry, as they are armed with nine measly spears. Perhaps the are looking for reinforcements.

The WhiteHats in the foreground are supremely confident, as they have ten serious cannon positioned at river's edge, aimed at the Pink Palace....and after all, they are the good guys. Their fort seems to be temporary, being composed of four tents, three Persian rugs, and a cardboard, fake, white minaret-like wall. But to show their bluster and bloodthirstiness, they have a stand displaying twelve human heads, not yet purely skeletal, that they have severed and saved. Fifteen of their are lot are turbaned, and four carry very small pennants (I believe they say "Notre Dame") on long poles. The odd thing is that they are apparently disinterested in the imminent battle. Nine of them are gathered around a dead turkey, which, in repose, resembles the two small cannon in the foreground, one of which, oddly, is aimed a the other. Another group are showing each other the proper way to hold one's vest.

This entire vignette is framed in a wood border from which only two towers and the three flags protrude. It was bought to the screen in the twenty-first century, and called "The Dark Knight".

Anonymous said...

1. Bubonic plague
2. Jonah
3. Moses parting the Red Sea
4. Norman Invasion at Hastings
5. Re-taking of Jerusalem

DrSchnell said...

1. Bubonic Plague/Black Death
2. Jonah getting et by a big fish
3. Moses parting the Red Sea and the bad guys getting washed away
4. People killin' people for no good reason.
5. People gettin' ready for the killin' of people again for no good reason

Anonymous said...

1 The bubonic plague. Hate those buboes.
2 Jonah
3 The crossing of the Red Sea
4 The Battle of Hastings (Bayeux needlework conquers Britain)
5 Well, there's a siege, and some Arab-looking forces have a nice tent city with cannons thing going outside the fortifications. I was going to say they were taking back Jerusalem, but that's a pretty European-looking town with prominent church, so I'll go with the Moorish conquest of Spain.

Anonymous said...

1. Plague of some sort
2. Is that Jonah in the whale? How does his paper stay dry?
3. Moses parting the Red Sea.
4. Um, a battle? With King Richard?
5. No idea -- it looks like a siege of some sort.

I'm not so good at this sort of thing. Extra credit for trying?

Fool for paper said...

1) The Bubonic plague (Yersinia pestis) comes to Europe around 1348 or so.
2) Jonah (being released from the whale)
3) Moses parting the Red Sea (but only for the Isrealites)
4) A battle with King Harold – is this the Battle of Hastings? 1060?
5) A European/Oriental conflict across a body of water. Beautiful, but I have no idea what’s happening.

Ben said...

1. I'll have to guess the Black Plague
2. Would that be Jonah?
3. The Exodus (escape through the Red Sea)
4. The great battle of the drunken (hic) clothes snatchers.
5. I would guess that this is a siege that took place during the Crusades, but that's all I've got.

Yankee in England said...

I am in the middle of romantic dinner when I glance at my watch and realize I have not posted answers to the monday quiz. I proptly turn to my husband tell him to eat up so we can get home. So here goes

Bubonic plauge

Jonah and the whale

Parting of the red sea

Really have not fucking clue

Some thing to do with the crusade but more than that I have no idea.

Damn I went with out coffee to suck at this quiz

KelleyI said...

1. The Plauge
2. Whale did swallow Jo-Jo-Jonah?
3. The parting of the sea by Moses
4. Um ... some medieval dudes are having a gang fight?
5. My guess is that this is one of the Crusades and the infidels are plotting how to get Jerusalem back ...

Michael5000 said...

And that's it for the Monday Quiz!

1. Plague, the Black Death, what have you.

2. That would be Jonah.

3. The Exodus, the Parting of the Red Sea.

4. The Battle of Hastings, 1066. The Norman Conquest. Check it out: King Harold is taking an arrow in the eye! Or so this portion of the Bayeaux Tapestry has been interpreted.

5. OK, yes, you have some Muslim dudes besieging a city. What the image in fact shows is the Siege of Vienna. The cannons are an important clue, putting the timeframe past the Crusades or the Conquest of Spain. However, cannon WERE used in the sack of Constantinople, so I'm gonna accept that as a valid answer as well. (Although I enjoyed "People gettin' ready for the killin' of people again for no good reason," and though you can make a strong case for it's accuracy, I'm having none of it.)

Michael5000 said...

So, our most mediaeval contestants are like so:


Calico Cat! (She's quizzing for two, now)

Becky! (Last Monday Quiz representin' Spain)

and, the rightest of all of 'em,


...with special consolation prizes to Karma (Most Specific Response) and Yankee (Most Guilt-Inducing Response)