Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Thursday Quiz XLVI

The Thursday Quiz!

The Thursday Quiz is an "Is It or Isn't It" game. From the list of twelve items, your job is to determine whether each IS or ISN'T a true example of the week's category.

Remember always that the rules are the same, wherever you go:
No research, Googling, Wikiing, or use of reference books. The Thursday
Quiz is a POP quiz. Violators will find themselves on permanent vacation.
This Week's Category will whisk you away to a tropical paradise!

Countries of the Caribbean

IS IT or ISN'T it an independent Caribbean country?
1. Antigua and Barbuda

2. Bahamas

3. Barbados

4. Dominica

5. Guadeloupe

6. Jamaica

7. Saint Kitts and Nevis

8. Saint-Pierre and Miquelon

9. Trinidad and Tobago

10. Turks and Caicos Islands

11. Vanuatu

12. Virgin Islands

Post your answers in the comments.


Anonymous said...

1 / is
2 / is
3 / is
4 / isn't
5 / isn't
6 / isn't
7 / is
8 / isn't
9 / is
10 / isn't
11 / isn't
12 / isn't

The Calico Cat said...

1. is
2. is
3. is
4. is
5. is
6. is
7. is
8. isn't
9. is
10. is
11. isn't (wrong part of the world)
12. is

Cartophiliac said...

1. isn't
2. is
3. isn't
4. is... if you mean the Dominican Republic, otherwise isn't...
5. isn't
6. is
7. isn't
8. is
9. is
10. isn't
11. isn't even in the Caribbean (but was famously a location for "Survivor")
12. isn't

d said...

1n, 2y, 3y, 4n, 5n, 6y, 7n, 8y, 9y, 10n, 11n, 12y

Anonymous said...

1 yes
2 yes
3 yes
4 no
5 yes
6 yes
7 yes
8 no
9 yes
10 no
11 not carribiean
12 no (two owners)

Anonymous said...

I love to start a day by floundering helplessly in tropical waters. Here goes:
1 no
2 no
3 yes
4 yes
5 yes
6 yes
7 yes
8 no
9 yes
10 no
11 yes
12 no

Anonymous said...

1. No
2. Yes
3. Yes
4. No
5. No
6. Yes
7. Yes
8. No
9. Yes
10. Yes
11. No, Pacific Island?
12. Not independant

Yankee in England said...


DrSchnell said...

1. yes
2. not in the Caribbean
3. yes
4. yes
5. in the Caribbean, but I don't think they're independent.
6. yes
7. yes
8. not independent.
9. yes
10. not independent
11. Not in the Caribbean, in the South Pacific, I think.
12. Not independent. Part Limey, Part Yankee.

edk said...

1 isn't
2 isn't
3 is
4 is
5 is
6 isn't
7 isn't
8 is
9 isn't
10 is
11 isn't
12 isn't

Anonymous said...

OK I have time left! Brb with some bad guesses!

Anonymous said...


I would like a ticket to any one of those someday. I'll work on it.

KelleyI said...

1. Isn't
2. Is
3. Is
4. Isn't
5. Isn't
6. Is
7. Is
8. Isn't
9. Isn't

Nichim said...

By independent you mean "not a territory or possession of some colonial power," right? Some of these I am really not sure if they are still British or what. But I guess I'll try to squeak my guesses in under the wire.
1. Is
2. Is
3. Is
4. Isn't independent, I don't think
5. Is
6. Is
7. Is
8. Isn't
9. Is
10. Is
11. Isn't in the Caribbean
12. Isn't independent

Michael5000 said...

All right, kids! It's the Front Porch of the Weekend, and time for the unveiling of the independent Caribbean nations!

1. Antigua and Barbuda -- Independent!
2. Bahamas -- Independent! And yet, DrSchnell points out that it is not, technically, in the Caribbean. Yet although this is true, really, it's really quite in the ballpark. The IS's are right, and DrSchnell is right too. Mrs.5000 isn't right -- she admitted in a follow-up question that she didn't think the Bahamas were independent. That leaves Boo, who can let me know what her reasoning was if she wants.
3. Barbados -- IS!
4. Dominica -- IS! And we're not talking about the Dominican Republic, which also IS!
5. Guadeloupe -- Nope. French colony.
6. Jamaica -- IS!
7. Saint Kitts and Nevis -- IS!
8. Saint-Pierre and Miquelon -- No. Another French colony, and off the Canadian coast for that matter.
9. Trinidad and Tobago -- IS!
10. Turks and Caicos Islands -- No! British colony.
11. Vanuatu -- No! Independent, but in the South Pacific.
12. Virgin Islands -- No! Split betwixt the U.S. and the U.K.

Michael5000 said...

So, this week the two top winners from TQVL trade places. This time, DrSchnell comes up with the sole perfect score and the TQXLVI Gold Star, his third.

Karmasartre takes the Silver, his second. With this star, Karma becomes the seventh person to break into double-digit all-time Star accumulation.

Tied with Karma with 10/12, gs49 scoops up the Blue Star. That's the first Blue and the fourth Star overall for the relative newcomer.

Michael5000 said...

Many thanks to all of you charming and erudite Quiz-taking people! Your courage and resolve in the face of the Thursday Quiz is a credit to you and your family, nation, and peer group!

The Calico Cat said...

I need to learn to read... I completely missed the "Independent" part. I thought there were too many "yes's."

Michael5000 said...

@Calico: Well, you're reading for two, now.