Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wake Up With Michael5000! (Part II)

A few days ago, MyDogIsChelsea put up a post in which she literally dares -- dares! -- her readers to post a cuter photo than her.

Well, I am sure you understand that I am not one to take that kind of challenge lying down. I'll answer that dare! So go ahead, check out her picture (it's got a child and a dog, yadda yadda yadda) and then come back and tell me -- tell me! -- that it's cuter than this shot of two babies from a wedding I was at a few weeks ago:

Anyway, speaking of MyDog....

Last week, I inflicted on you Gentle Readers the playlist for the first of two CDs I compiled for MyDogIsChelsea. I think you see what is coming. Music-themed posts stay firmly in the Wednesday timeslot as I bring you the playlist for MyDog's second CD.

Both of the sets were designed to start the day off right. But whereas the first one was designed to catapult you (or, more specifically, MyDogIsChelsea) out of bed with a blast of controlled energy, the second one is intended to complement lounging about in a blissful state of semi-awakeness and low urgency. Sleep-in music for the highly literate rocker. Enjoy!

1. The Mountain Goats, “Love Love Love” (The Sunset Tree)

2. Andrew Bird, “Scythian Empires” (Armchair Apocrypha)

3. Eels, “Dirty Girl” (Live with strings)

4. Math and Physics Club, “Darling, Please Come Home” (Math and Physics Club)

5. Deb Talan, “Comfort” (a bird flies out)

6. Earlimart, “The Hidden Track” (Treble & Tremble)

7. The Mountain Goats, “San Bernadino” (Heretic Pride)

8. Margot & the Nuclear So & So’s, “Jen is Bringing the Drugs” (The Dust of Retreat)

9. Uncle Tupelo, “Black Eye” (83/93: An Anthology)

10. the Decemberists, “Engine Driver” (Picaresque)

11. Jenny Owen Youngs, “fuck was i” (Batten the Hatches)

12. Suburban Kids With Biblical Names, “rent a wreck” (#3)

Thanks to Blythe for alerting me to the existence of Suburban Kids With Biblical Names. And, Good Morning!


Karin said...

Hey, is that boy baby Baby ChuckDaddy?

D'oh! Darn you, M5K, you got me talking in the blasted morning. >:(

Anonymous said...

Love the inclusion of all the Mountain Goats in your playlists.

And I'm staying out of it with the kid pics. I've learned it's best to be diplomatic about what is considered "cute". (That's just a nice way of saying that I'd take a cat photo over either of those any day.)

fingerstothebone said...

Cute babies, but I must, must, invite you over to check these out.

Michael5000 said...

Well, that certainly got the readership riled up! So far, MDIC and I are running in a dead heat in this cute photo contest, with the vote at last count being 0 - 0.

@Karin: Yes.

@Melissa: I, too, love the inclusion of the Mountain Goats on all my playlists. And it's hard to resist a good cat picture. Especially if they iz talkin funni!

Ben said...

Sorry M5K, MyDogIsChelsea's picture is cuter--but only slightly. Just my opinion, of course!