Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Wake Up With Michael5000!

About a zillion years ago, MyDogIsChelsea did a post about a wake-up-in-the-morning music mix. The details had grown fuzzy in my memory, but the idea was something like this: if you the reader made a mixed CD for her, she'd make one for you. Going back just now to get the link, mind you, I see that that wasn't really the idea at all, but that hardly matters now. The point is, I've been going around for a year with "Mix for MyDogIsChelsea" as the perenial item I never got to at the bottom of my To Do list.

Well. No longer. In fact, to make up for lost time, I have now made and mailed two (2) "mixed tapes," as we used to call them in the heyday of the archaic casette tape technology. Except of course, I used the archaic CD technology instead.

The first of the two mixes is a relatively rambunctious and vigorous designed to jump-start the day. It is titled "It's Morning! Wake Up, Darn It!" And here are the songs on it.

1. Guided By Voices, “Fair Touching” (Isolation Drills)

2. Jim’s Big Eco, “Stress” (Noplace Like Nowhere)

3. Mountain Goats, “Palmcorder Yajna” (We Shall All be Saved)

4. The Thermals, “I Hold the Sound” (The Body, the Blood, the Machine)

5. The Arcade Fire, “Neighborhoods #1 (Tunnels)” (Funeral)

6. Billy Bragg, “A New England” (Back to Basics)

7. Richard Buckner, “Town” (Meadow)

8. Jennifer O’Connor, “Sister” (Over The Mountain, Across The Valley and Back To The Stars)

9. Mike Doughty, “Madeline and Nine” (Haughty Melodic)

10. The Hold Steady, “Party Pit” (Boys and Girls in America)

11. Rilo Kiley, “Portions for Foxes” (More Adventurous)

12. Blue Scholars, “Inkwell” (bluescholars)

13. The Thermals, “An Endless Supply” (More Parts per Million)

Well, there you have it. The idea being that now, you too can go out and assemble this collection of songs through your iTunes or whatever. Then, you can do like MyDogIsChelsea, and Wake Up With Michael5000!!!


Anonymous said...

Well, I am going to cut and paste this into my music list to check out. There are lots of things here that I have never heard of before and I always appreciate good tips. So thank you!

Bridget said...

mmmm . . . I love mixes! It's generally how I find out about the cool stuff . . . definitely a cut and paste time . . .

Jennifer said...

I did it! I'm burning a CD of music hot off the wires as we speak.