Thursday, September 24, 2009

Maddy Expresses Her Feelings

I recently looked out the front window of Castle5000 of a Saturday afternoon and noticed two attractive people in their early twenties having a heated discussion out on the sidewalk. That seemed a little unusual, but I didn't give it another thought until I went out on the porch five or ten minutes later to check the mail. There they were, still, now more or less in the driveway. They didn't seem notice me there, standing right over them, for the next 20 or so seconds of conversation.
Him (hurt, heated): "...and you're saying these things, and I just don't understand!"

long pause

Her (through tears): "Why can't you just come to me and say 'Maddy, I love you, but I need some time to be by myself.' But instead you come at me so oppressive and..."
And then I was back inside with the mail.


1. I am probably a bad person, in that I found this exchange extremely funny. Really, I was lucky I could get the door closed before I burst out laughing.

2. It's funnier because her name is "Maddy." That, also, probably makes me a bad person.

3. To be sure, I am all for partners communicating their emotions and working through their difficult issues together. But it's just that they seemed really, really.... young.

4. So I'm probably jealous of them, in a way.

The Happy Ending

A while later, Mrs.5000 called down the hall, "Good news! They're hugging!"



Cartophiliac said...

Just to help you feel a little bad about being amused... When you came out to check the mail, they paid you no attention because you're just an old guy. You couldn't possibly understand.

The Calico Cat said...

The funny bit it you relaying it here... I was taken in until your snarky comments... Meany. You probably wouldn't understand.

I'm glad that they ended up hugging & that you did not chase after them with a broom to get them off of your property.

d said...

awesome. i would've burst out laughing right there on the porch. and probably made a snarky comment to their faces. i say, they deserve what they get for airing their private shit in a public place. 'come at me all oppressive' indeed.

Elaine said...

This is how old I am: I couldn't really figure out what the young folks were saying! (Just because there were words out there doesn't prove there was any communication going on.)

Hug or no hug, don't you think he is working on breaking up with her?

I thought it was nice of you to get inside before guffawing.

fingerstothebone said...

Too bad this didn't happen earlier, or it could've been part of the 'how things end' quiz and we'd all have to guess.