Monday, September 21, 2009

The Monday Quiz XC

The Monday Quiz Goes to ____________!






Locate the places, and where the Quiz went on vacation, in the comments.


Cartophiliac said...

1. Independence Hall
2. Valley Forge
3. Falling Water
4. Pittsburgh
5. Gettysburg

Rebel said...

M5K - Your quiz shames me. All of this is bringing up flashes of elementary school... it all seems vaguely New Jersey-ish - but I think it's actually Pennsylvania.

The only one I know for sure is #2 - Valley Forge. And #3 is obviously a Frank Lloyd Wright house... it's probably called Falling Water or something suitable like that.

#5 is downright cruel because I know there are clues in the text but I can't actually read any of them.

Boooo on this week's quiz for pointing out that I have completely lost touch with my roots.

The Calico Cat said...

1. Independence Hall
2. Washington Crossing the Delaware River
3. Falling Water - outside of Pittsburg (still on my to do list.)
4. Pittsburgh?
5. The battle of Gettysburg - been there a time or two.

Christine M. said...

It's our neighbor to the east, Pennsylvania! Howdy, neighbor!

1. Independence Hall
2. Valley Forge
3. Falling Water
4. Pittsburgh
5. Gettysburg

gS49 said...

2-Valley Forge

all in Pennsylvania.

mrs.5000 said...

1 Independence Hall, Philadelphia
2 Valley Forge
3 Fallingwater
4 Pittsburgh
5 Gettysburg
Hey, I've been to all these places. Do I get extra credit, or would I have to write a report? "My Trip to Fallingburgh Valley Hall."

DrSchnell said...

Mighty tricky with the "Thursday Quiz" heading on the Monday Quiz. Made me check my calendar for a moment.
1. Independence Hall, Philadelphia PA
2. Camping out and eating S'Mores with General Washington at Valley Forge (PA)
3. Frank Lloyd Wright's "Fallingwater"
4. Pittsburgh (where the Monongahela meets the Allegheny to form the Ohio)
5. Gettysburg, PA
The theme let me think for a minute...... PENNSYLVANIA.

d said...

I'm assuming we're going to pennsylvania.

1. independence hall? is that what that is. paul revere look alike in the front seems vaguely familiar.
2. you know they ended up eating each others toes. valley forge.
3. flw and falling water. is that in penn? swiss cheese brain.
4. the buildings are too tall to be philly, so i'm gonna say pittsburgh.
5. a map of the battle of gettysburg.

i feel smart today. thanks.

Anonymous said...

1. Highschool5000
2. Kentucky Derby
3. Niagra Falls
4. Phoenix AZ
4. Key West

Ben said...

...PA--Just like M5K!

1. Constitution Hall, Philly.
2. Valley Forge
3. Falling Water
4. Pittsburg
5. Gettysburg

oily gus said...

The Thursday quiz has gone to Monday. Well, really it went to Pennsylvania.

1 Independence Hall
2 Valley Forge
3 Falling Water (Frank Lloyd Wright)
4 Pittsburgh
5 Gettysburg

Fool for paper said...

1)Independence Hall, Philadelphia
2)Valley Forge
3)Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water
4)Pittsburgh (I once circled these bridges for what seemed an eternity)

Michael5000 said...

1. Independence Hall, in Philadelphia.
2. Valley Forge, the famous winter encampment of the Continental Congress' army.
3. Fallingwater, the landmark Frank Lloyd Wright house that I visited last Monday.
4. Pittsburgh, an American industrial city.
5. Gettysburg, a famous battle of the American Civil War.

The Monday Quiz, like michael5000, went to PENNSYLVANIA!

Michael5000 said...

Zowie! EPs to Carto, la gringa, gs49, Mrs.5000, DrSchnell, d, oily gus, and Fool for Paper!