Monday, January 4, 2010

Gifts That Arrive in the Mail

I was delighted to find a cigar box full of boring postcards under the Christmas tree this year!

Mrs.5000 understands me.

Note that they are framed. This is, if I'm not mistaken, an invitation to establish a Great Hall of Boring Postcards. But where?!?

Postcards don't get much more boring than this.

Why, here's the lovely campus of Oregon State University!

And check out this three-engine Continental 727! One of the small sadnesses in my life is that I was born too late for airline postcards....


The katenben/Ben/Morgan family decided they don't need their postcards anymore, and laid THIS on me. I haven't even taken a peek at the actual postcards yet, but the box alone ("Flash Filing -- Fresno, California") is teh awesome. Thanks, katenben/Ben/Morgan family!!!

More boring postcards coming atcha next weekend!


fingerstothebone said...

Hey, YOU can renovate that empty commercial building in my neighborhood and turn it into the boring postcard museum! Carye Bye would love, love, LOVE you!

Michael5000 said...

So, I've noticed the above piece of spam (from Anonymous, not fingers) showing up indisciminently here and elsewhere in my blog empire. It's puzzling, though, because there is no link and no identification. It's spam that causes no mischief! So what's the point? Did someone make a New Year's resolution to make bloggers feel good about themselves? I'm puzzled.

Elaine said...

My friend Susan Braig, of Altadena, CA, who makes jewelry out of her spare chemo meds, sometimes does an installation called COMA-- County of Orange Museum of Art-- and your awful, oops, I mean amazing postcards would fit right in.

Let me know if you want her e-mail address.

Ben said...

That one of OSU--I believe it's the Madison/Campus Way entrance on the east side of campus--was actually interesting to me because things have grown up so much around it. Also, FYI--there's a geocache hidden inside the post on the right.

Aviatrix said...

I call shenanigans. No 727 is ever boring.

My speculation on the Anonymous posting is that it's some sort of test. The robot will check back late to see if you removed it, or if you're the sort of blogger who is taken in by non-specific flattery. Then the fake Rolexes roll in. Or they are just testing different vague comments for the ones least likely to be deleted.

Another possibility is that the spammer misconfigured the spambot, so that it forgets to append the link.

I'm happier about your resolution idea, though.

Michael5000 said...

Hmm, now I've deleted it on the theory that I don't want to signal spam-toleration, and now I'm nervous that I've signalled "active blog" and the fake Rolexes with non-surgical enhancement will be on us like pyrannas.

I concur that no 727 is ever boring, but then no boring postcard is ever really boring either.

@Ben: Yes, but is there a geoHASH?

...oh, right. The answer is always "maybe."

TomS said...

I have a bit of nostalgia for Camelback Mountain pictured on your Thomas Mall card. Have you had any of these appraised? Sounds silly I know, but there may be an undiscovered demand for some of these.

Jenners said...

God those are boring. You should put them in your bedroom in case either one of you ever suffer from insomnia....they'll put you right out.