Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thursday Miscellany

The County Map in the Digital Age

At long last, the fancy digital version of my county map is ready for show.

The key is like so:
Brown: counties I had been in up to my departure to graduate school at the University of Kansas.
Purple: counties I went to during the five years I lived in Lawrence, Kansas.
Red: counties I went to during the three years I lived in Emporia, Kansas.
Blue: counties I went to during the four years between returning to the City of Roses and my 2003 marriage to Mrs.5000.
Green: counties I went to between our [UPDATE: ongoing] marriage and the end of the aughts.
My next county will be a new color. Where it will be, and what color it will be -- only time will tell.

Update your Style Book

I've been trying for years to keep "michael5000" uncapitalized, except that I never know what to do at the beginning of sentences or when writing out the title of the blog. Therefore, from now on, "Michael5000" will follow the usual conventions of proper names -- despite that it represents a persona, not a person per se -- and be capitalized at all times. I knew you would want to know.

Most Desperate Phish Ever

Let's Try This Biodegradable Thing Again

Mrs.5000 received some Australian footwear for Christmas. This was part of the packaging.

"This bag will decompose within 3 months of disposal," it says.

Well, I've been hurt before. I'm putting this into the CompostHeap5000, and we'll see what happens. I'll let you know.


mrs.5000 said...

I know this is just grammatical quibbling, yet I felt a little panicky flutter when I read the phrase, "between our marriage and..." I like to think of it as an ongoing thing.

Kritkrat said...

I'm pretty sure all of those mass produced cups/bags/whatever have to be industrially composted.

Elaine said...

Mrs. 5000-- I did the same, YIKES, double take because "the end of" was in there, and I was just sure it couldn't BE.... even in these tenuous days...

Jenners said...

I'll be interested to hear about that bag.

Bridget said...

Wow. You really think about whether to capitalize Michael5000 or not.

I'm not sure if that's really cool or just dorky. Probably, both.

gl. said...

lowercase all the way! i'll keep calling you michael5000 for old times' sake. and sometimes m5000 if i'm in a hurry.

Rebel said...

Personally, I like M5K, short, clear, and vaguely reminiscent of the good ol' Y2K scare.

Rebel said...

OH, and you may want to consult your pantone color chart for the difference between 'red' and 'pink'. =P

Aviatrix said...

You will still be hit with inconsistency, because most Blogger templates default to lowercasing commenters' names. My nom de blog is really Aviatrix, not aviatrix, for example.

dhkendall said...

Ever thought of automating your county map visits even more by using a website like ? (Mine, btw, is at

Michael5000 said...

Mrs.: I fixed that back when.

Kadonk: How right you apparently are!

Jenners: You only have to wait until Thursday, May 19, 2011!

Reb: It's kind of a brick red, but then bricks are kind of pink really aren't they.

dhk: I'm pretty sure I had an account there at one point, which means I probably still do. But I've pretty much gone "lone wolf" with my countying.