Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Wednesday Quiz I:9 -- Twentieth Century Art

The Wednesday Quiz -- Season I -- Quiz 9

Twentieth Century Art

The Wednesday Quiz is a test of knowledge and intuition. Looking up answers or asking your buddy is a capital crime. Questions about the rules are answered here.

This week's Quiz is a identification game. For each image,

Name the Artist

There are twelve images here, so they are worth 8 1/3 points apiece. If you can't recall the artist's name, but can give a title or some other relevant information about the piece, you may receive a subjective score of up to five points.













Submit your answers in the comments!


Cartophiliac said...

Ack! La Gringa will zoom even further ahead on this one.

Here come my wild and inaccurate guesses:

1. Van Gogh
2. OKeefe
3. MK5000 quilter
4. Pollack
5. Dirty wash rag
6. Walt Disney
7. Twiggy
8. Betsy Ross
9. Milton Bradley
10. Salvadore Dali
11. Barack Obama
12. Rand McNally

Christine M. said...

1. Claude Monet
2. Georgia O' Keeffe
3. Piet Mondrian
4. Jackson Pollock
5. Mark Rothko
6. Wassily Kandinsky
7. Roy Lichtenstein (who received and honorary degree from Ohio State at my graduation in 1988!)
8. Jasper Johns
9. Rene Magritte
10. Marcel Duchamp

Christine M. said...

OOPS! I forgot 11 & 12!!

11. Joan Miro
12. David Hockney

Cartophiliac said...

Yeah, what she said.

Elizabeth said...

1. Monet, one of his Water Lilies.
2. O'Keefe, one of her studies of the sexual organs of plants.
3. Mondrian, one of his quilts.
4. Oh, Jackson Pollack, why not.
5. Some probably really famous guy whose works I automatically lump into the "I can paint large squares of color on canvas too so why am I not rich?"
6. Oooh ooh ooh I know this one! Only the name has slipped my mind. Let's go with Kandinsky.
7. Roy ... Lichtenstien? Or is that the country? I'll bet this is titled "You Never Loved Me!"
8. Somebody famous in folk art. I like it.
9. That would be Magritte.
10. Erm - Picasso?
11. No idea. It is titled "The Underwater Bowling League."
12. Clueless, but I like this one too.

d said...

1 monet
2 o'keefe
3 mondrian
4 pollack
5 rothko
6 kandinsky
7 lichtenstein
8 oh shit. the flag guy. it starts with a j. that's all i can remember.
9 magritte?
10 it's not picasso. duschamp? (sp?)
11 miro
12 hockney!

i can't testify to the spelling on any of these.

Elaine said...

1. Monet Waterlilies (possibly at Ginverny)
2. O'Keefe (sp?) Poppies
3. Mondrian
4. Jackson Pollack (Pollock?)
5. Albers? I don't think so; this is a best guess
6. Picasso (guessing again)
7. Andy Warhol? (whom I chose over Peter Max)
8. Oh, dear
9. Magritte
10. Picasso
11. Miro
12. Frida Kahlo

I am afraid this isn't my area!

Elaine said...

I should proof read! Giverny, for Pete's sake. My sole consolation is Cartophiliac's slate of answers. The next map quiz, Carto, you can give me a shot!

Nichim said...

Hey, I know some of these! I'm not entirely culturally illiterate!

1. Claude Monet - Water Lilies
2. Georgia O'Keefe - Poppies
3. Mondrian - Lines and Colors
4. Jackson Pollock - Splashes (I've seen this painting in real life - I totally couldn't get Pollock and then I went to see a whole bunch of his paintings and then I got it.)
5. Rothko - Purple, Orange, and Cream (I've seen this one too)
6. Matisse
7. Oh, that one guy who does all the paintings like this. I'm running out of steam, now.
8. ?
9. Magritte?
10. Picasso?
11. ?
12. ??

DrSchnell said...

1. Monet (water lilies)
2. Georgia O'Keeffe
3. This is one of M5K's famous quilts. No, I mean it's Mondrian
4. Jackson Pollock
5. Mark Rothko
6. Kadinsky
7. Lichtenstein (Roy?)
8. Jasper Johns
9. Magritte
10. Picasso
11. Miro
12. David Hockney

Rebel said...

1 Claude Monet, one of the waterlily series, mid-career losing his sight, but his son was still alive.
2 Georgia O'Keef - omg,I've never even thought about how to spell her last name. O'keif? O'keefe? You know the one.
3 Mondrian, famous for making quilt patterns.
4 Jackson Pollak
5 Mark Rothko - but not the one I fell in love with at the SF MOMA
6 Joan Miro?
7 Roy Leichtenshtein?
8 Jasper Johns from his flag series
9 guessing Magritte, but it's not super familiar
10 "Nude Decending the Stairs" Duchamp??
11 oh uh... this one makes me thing "Miro" too... so I'm guessing I'm wrong on one of these
12 I have never seen anything like this one.... brand new artist to me. I'm guessing it's a guy named Chris.

Ben said...

1. Monet
3. Probably the same artist whose work you imitated in a quilt recently, but the name eludes me.
4. Pollack (sp?)
6. Miro
7. Lichtenstein
8. Warhol (sp?)
10. Escher
11. Hmmm... maybe THIS one is Miro...

Aviatrix said...

I thought I would be faced with famous paintings whose artists I hadn't bothered to remember, but there are several images here I've never seen before. I think my art education ended around 1950.

1. Monet (thanks, Titanic)
2. I've never seen that. My only guess isn't 20th C.
3. Piet Mondrian
4. Title: "Hey, you forgot to lay a drop sheet"
5. Title: "Mommy, I'm out of purple paint"
6. vaguely like Picasso
7. comic book style, perhaps Warhol?
8. For modern pop culture images Andy Warhol is still my go-to guy.
9. Magritte. I think it was on the same page as Ceci n'est pas un pipe in an art history book I looked at once.
10. Picasso - If any of these is a Picasso, this is the real one
11. Exactly the sort of thing I draw, seriously. Have you been raiding my doodles?
12. American, obviously but I've never seen it. Contemporary American artist ... I got nothing.

mrs.5000 said...

1 Claude Monet
2 Georgia O'Keefe
3 Piet Mondrian
4 Jackson Pollock
5 Mark Rothko
6 Wassily Kandinsky
7 Roy Liechtenstien
8 Jasper Johns
9 Rene Magritte
10 Marcel Duchamp
11 Joan Miro
12 David Hockney

UnwiseOwl said...

Oh dear...
Your art quizzes are always the ones I fail on. Here goes nothing...
1.I think it's a Monet Waterlily
2.Dunno, but it's very pretty. Those flowers are hugging.
3. Mondrian. I never really understood what he was getting at. Kinda classy looking, though, isn't it?
4. Pollack. I've had the pleasure of seeing Blue Poles at the national gallery.
5. Hmm, I've seen something by this guy before at the gallery too, but I've got nothing.
6. That's a Kadinsky. I LIKE Kadinsky's. I should buy some prints or something sometime and put them on my ceiling.
7. Argh, I'll shoot myself not knowing the name of this guy.
8.Ooh, and this one. I liked this series, but damn if I can remember his name.
9. That's Magritte! I love this one.
10. I got nothing. IS that a suit of armour or something?
11. That's a Miro. I've always thought of it as 'The prodigal Son', but I doubt that's the actual name. We have a floor rug with this on it.
12. I dunno, it's great though, isn't it?

Eversaved said...

Hey (I think) I know some of these!
1. Monet
2. Georgia O'Keefe
3. Mondrian
4. Pollock
5. Rothko
6. Kandinsky
7. nothing...
8. And I should definitely know this one
9. But I've never seen this one in my life
10. Picasso?
11. Miro
12. I don't know but it looks familiar from parts of my real life past

Fool for paper said...

1) Claude Monet, waterliies
2) Georgia O’Keefe, poppies
3) Piet Mondrian
4) Jackson Pollock
5) Mark Rothko
6) ? The great gaping hole in my modern art history…doesn’t look serious enough for Russian constructivism or racy enough for Futurism. Darn!
7) Roy Lichtenstein
8) I would say Jasper Johns, but it actually looks like someone else channeling Johns – who was who did all those homages – Audrey someone?
9) Magritte
10) Marcel Duchamp - Nude descending a staircase
11) Joan Miro
12) David Hockney

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

One of those was Jackson Pollack and the other ones were all by Rowdy Roddy Piper.

sister jen said...

1 Monet
2 Georgia O'Keefe(?)
3 Mondrian (sp?)
4 Jackson Pollock
5 Mark Rothko
6 Kandinsky
7 Andy Warhol?
8 Jasper Johns
9 Rene Magritte
10 Nude Descending a Staircase (his name will come to me in a minute--does it help to know that some wag described it as looking like an explosion in a shingle factory?)(Oh got it, Marcel Duchamp. The "Urinal" guy.)
11 Picasso? Total guess. Doesn't really look like the Picassos I'm familiar with.
12 Oh, that guy. You know. Him.

balaywho said...

Art History majors rejoice!

1. Monet
2. Georgia O'Keefe
3. Mondrian
4. Jackson Pollock
5. dammit, i just can't remember the name
6. Paul Klee?
7. Andy Warhol
8. Jasper Johns
9. Renee Magritte
10. "Nude Descending a Staircase" by Marce Duchamp
11. Miro
12. David Hockney?

Rebel said...

It's friday and there are still no scores. =( Come on! Quit exercising and get on the computer. =P

Michael5000 said...

OK, first of all -- the life of Michael5000 is, as some of you know, rather richer with incident at the moment than has been the case in the past. The L&TM5K may well be showing gaps and cracks for a while, such as delayed Quiz results. This hurts me more than it hurts you.

Having said that: yes, as Aviatrix deduced, for the most part these were representative works from artists, not necessarily their greatest hits. The answers were as follows!

1 Claude Monet
2 Georgia O'Keefe
3 Piet Mondrian
4 Jackson Pollock
5 Mark Rothko
6 Wassily Kandinsky
7 Roy Liechtenstien
8 Jasper Johns
9 Rene Magritte
10 Marcel Duchamp
11 Joan Miro. (In the course of my research for this quiz, I learned that Joan Miro was a DUDE!! Far out.)
12 David Hockney

Michael5000 said...

So congratulations especially to artsy animals la gringissima and Mrs.5000 for their perfect scores, and to Fool for Paper, d, and DrSchnell for their elevenses of twelve.

Michael5000 said...

For those of you with eyes on the prizes, here are the current rankings:

1. la gringissima: 690.83
2. DrSchnell: 681.67
3. Mrs.5000: 640
4. Elaine: 571.67
5. Cartophiliac: 515
6. Aviatrix: 475*
7. Ben: 451.67
8. Elizabeth: 398.33*
9. The Calico Cat: 330**
10. d: 325

No changes in place this week, although there was some narrowing of gaps and some pulling away. la gringa and Mrs.5000 are going to have trouble producing more points in the back stretch simply because their 8th best score is already pretty good. Aviatrix and Elizabeth still only have seven of eight scores on the board. Calico and d have only showed up for 5 and 4 quizzes respectively, but have hit them hard enough to sneak into the top ten.

KarmaSartre said...

I detect heavy use of drugs. I predict we will look back upon modern art and laugh. Like fashion: sheep led astray. But Magritte was onto something. Went to the Googleheim last year: tosh and not in the Peter sense. Many scribbles by John Cage. Tosh! Real art right up the street. 50 million Elvis fans CAN be wrong!

mrs.5000 said...

When I read the answers I had a moment of elation, imagining that I had actually managed to concoct a correct minority-opinion spelling of Liechtenstien. It's really Roy Lichtenstein (though you need to keep in that third e up front when labeling blank maps of Europe). But it's kinda sweet to have one's spelling trusted, even when undeserved...

Karin said...

Did I tell you I went to the National Gallery of Art and saw the works of Jasper Johns, Lichtenstein, Pollack and...drum roll please....ROTHKO?!!!

Happily, I will never be the same again.

Rothko is my painterly Sting. Worship, I tell you, worship.