Monday, January 25, 2010

Some Quiltiness

I showed you the face of this one -- a copy of a Mondrian composition rendered in scrap corduroy -- last summer, after I finished its face. Now it's quilted and I've got the binding on it. It just has a few hours of handwork left.

And here's StormQuilt #10, a heavy utility blanket made out of a bunch of worn-out t-shirts. It's completely done, albeit a bit... you know... ugly.

I decided to see if I could make a one-day blanket on Saturday. I used the same big box of corduroy that the material from the Mondrian and SQ#11 is from. I couldn't quite finish it, but it only needs a few more hours' work now.

Mrs5000 bought the big box of flannel for a buck at a yard sale, and there's still at least one more quilt's worth left. At 25 cents per blanket, it's a pretty good price for fabric.

Then, I completely finished this one before taking a terrible fuzzy picture of it. It was kind of an experiment; I bought the same set of six fabrics as frequent L&TM5K commenter Jennifer, with the idea that we would both put a quilt together and see how similar or dissimilar they ended up.

Clearly, we are peas in a pod:

Strangely, I'm not the only one to have finished up a quilt in Castle5000 lately! Honorable Vice-Dork Emeritus Rebel finished this quilt while she was staying with us over the holidays. It's awesome.

Also on the Creative Front...

Many of you will remember Phineas, who was a regular around these parts a while back and a major player in the Monday and Thursday Quizzes. He's deeply into the food thing these days, and writing about his culinary adventures at And to keep things really interesting, he's in the process of trying out for some kind of cooking-related reality television show. We'll keep you informed.


McGuff said...


Thanks for the shout. But more importantly, I must have the Mondrian quilt. How awesome. Name your price.


Rebel said...

Yay for quilty goodness!

Your yellow quilt looks like a bunch of stethoscopes. And as I mentioned, I really like the latest storm quilt, and know of a home where it would be well loved. =)

Michael5000 said...

@Rebel: But you didn't say "name your price."

Jenners said...

Wow ... those are some interesting and vividly colored quilts.

Rebel said...

Yeah... there's a reason for that. No buying quilts until I have a... you know... J.O.B.