Friday, January 1, 2010

New Blog Year 2010!

Uh-oh, it's New Year's Day! Time to look over the crumbling ruins of our hopes and dreams for the year past, and grimly resolve to carry on as best we can through whatever the new year brings.

Last year, I made five blog resolutions:

1. Stick with the Bible Blog, and try to finish off the Old Testament this year.
Honestly, I stuck with the Bible Blog and stuck with it damned well, but finishing the OT was a weirdly ambitious goal. I must have thought I could be more skimmy.
2. Keep the Quilt Blog, but don't sweat it.
I was really better about not sweating the quilt blog than keeping it.
3. Do a Great Movies post three or four times a month.
Ka-pow! I was a Great Movies MACHINE this year! Forty-two reviews, for a perfect 3.5 posts per month!
4. Do ten Reading List posts.
If you include Jane Eyre, which kind of glommed itself on to the list, and count the Harry Potters seperately, I scored a whopping Thirteen (13) Reading List posts! [little victory dance]
5. Don't forget to have fun with the thing.
Oh yes.

But that's all ancient history now! So, looking forward -- considering the current state of my interest in my various enthusiasms, considering the kinds of posts that people have been interested in, and considering the, um, potential impact of exogenously imposed lifestyle changes in the 5000 Household -- I hereby resolve:

the 2010 goals for the michael5000 blog empire:

1. Stick with the Bible Blog, and try to finish off the Old Testament this year.
Still kind of ambitious, so no promises.
2. Mothball the Quilt Blog.
That's not to say I'll mothball quilting, but I don't forsee it being an ESPECIALLY quilting-intensive year and, in particular, I'm a little out of touch with the quilting community. For the small volume of things I have to say about the craft, I can post 'em here on the Life & Times.
3. Get cracking on the Shakespeare Blog.
...although, there's no rush on this one, especially while the Bible project, the Reading List project, and the Great Movies project are all three still active. I think reading three Shakespeare plays and maybe another Shakespeare-peer play, and trying to catch a few live performances, is a reasonable goal for the year.
4. Finish the Great Movies Project.
Hell, there's only like sixteen left.
5. Do ten Reading List posts.
I loves my Reading List. And I'm halfway through The Moral Animal already. Preview: It's awesome.
6. Incorporate other projects.
The whole idea of this blog is that it's supposed motivate and shape my various hobbies and enthusiasms. Two of these that blossomed this year are the international chess and the geohashing, and you might have noticed that I've recently made space for them on the sidebar. If and when I'm able to run again, there might be a sidebar about that, too. Also, you can "look forward to" (I use the phrase lightly) more posts this year about Castle5000 improvement and landscaping. The michael5000 Kitchen may or may not happen much.
7. Hammer on the specialties.
Fair warning: there are going to be a lot of flag and postcard posts this year. And I might get mappy on y'all, too. And don't think for a second that "Element of the Month" is going anywhere. In the fullness of time, the Imaginary Lands are going to swing through for another pass, too. Forewarned is forearmed.
8. Review Things That Don't Need Reviewed
I'm going to keep hammering away on the Library Sale CDs, and there were 14 of those I think. After that, I'm going to take a tour of the Mahler symphonies, just because I've always wanted to take a closer listen to 'em. You can't say I'm pandering to a mass market.

Should I also be resolving to follow YOUR blog religiously? If so, tell me in the comments. I'm very suggestible.


Unknown said...

Well, I think that whatever you do is sort of genius. I may even have to learn chess so I can hang out with you there since you have abandoned Lexulous.

sister jen said...

I would hope for at least one Kitchen5000 post involving an immersion blender . . .

Jenners said...

You never fail to amuse and puzzle me. I personally was looking forward to more Element of the Month -- especially after our visit to the Musuem of Natural History where I found myself WAY more interested in elements and gems and minerals than I ever expected. Of course, I might just like to look at pretty rocks.

And I don' care how often you comment ... just let me know you are there sometimes when it suits you! :)

Aviatrix said...

I love element of the month, and I like postcards and maps and flags too, so I'll be here. I like the Wednesday quiz too, and wish there were a slightly wider window for completing it.

Chance said...

I was really better about not sweating the quilt blog than keeping it.

Love the optimistic spin. Very cool and Zen.

boo said...

I've been wanting to give a listen to the Mahler as well.

Your great films posts have had a direct influence on my netflix queue, btw. Love the reviews!

There is no pressing need to read my blog. I am unsure about what to do with it. Might figure that out this year.

The idea of reviewing things that don't need to be reviewed just makes me happy. I look forward to them.

Michael5000 said...

Hey, Chance is back!

Chance said...