Thursday, February 18, 2010

Career Opportunities!


An accountant's duties are interesting, varied and of real worth to his employers. He has standing!

Do you feel that such things aren't for you? Well, don't be too sure. Very possibly they can be!

Materials Science!!

Every day you can read glowing descriptions of how plastics are improving old products and creating new ones. Learn the hundreds of interesting phases of the plastics industry and be ready for the position that will give you the security and satisfaction you want.

YOU MAKE THINGS -- To give you practical experience in working with plastics, we supply handsome, colorful, rods, sheets and tubes of plastics from which you can if you wish, make useful, attractive creations. You cement, saw, buff, form, dye, decorate, cast and laminate various types of plastics. You design plastic articles -- develop your own ideas. You may earn money while learning.


Mount common specimens, squirrels, crows, fish, frogs, pigeons. Make useful and humorous groups. A highly interesting hobby. You will be amazed and delighted.

Make wild-game and domestic specimens into alluring
CRAFT-ART, like the lamp shown above. You can devise a vast variety of alluring creations. Easily learned. Decorate with mounted specimens, book-ends, door-stops, hat-racks, match and pen-holders, and scores of delighful and USEFUL home articles and gifts.

--from among the many, many goofy ads in the December 1946 Popular Mechanics.


Elizabeth said...

I don't know how I've survived without owning a lamp made out of a pair of dead birds.

Elaine said...


If you look at the back of a Cabela's catalog, you will find that they buy squirrel tails (for making flies--the fishing kind.)

If you need any dead fish, let me know.

Elaine said...

I can't bear that there are not more comments here! Here is one: one of the late Dick Francis's novels had a protagonist who was a banker (well, really, an accountant) and he really truly almost succeeded in making it sound worthwhile and interesting! You really did get sucked in!!! and then, not. But just for that moment!
Well, they were good yarns.

ah, well.

Jenners said...

Oh My God ... this is a comedy goldmine. I remember writing a paper about how advertising changed in Ladies Homes Journal in college and the ads in the old magazines were HILARIOUS!!! I myself would pursue taxidermy! (NOT!)

Michael5000 said...

Elaine: Posts like these don't really need comments so much... although I admit I'm hoping to hear from Dr. Noisewater eventually.

sister jen said...

I swear to god if I get a lamp like that for Christmas . . .