Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Wednesday Quiz Pauses for Breath

The Winners!

Congratulations once again to the winners of the First Season of the Wednesday Quiz! The top five contestants were:
1. DrSchnell -- 763.33
2. la gringissima -- 759.16
3. Mrs.5000 -- 710.84
4. Cartophiliac -- 628.33
5. Elaine -- 615
The Fabulous Prizes!

The top three winners selected from among the following prizes, which will also be the Season Two prizes:
1: Half-credit toward a custom-made crib, child's, or lap quilt by michael5000. This quilt will be handmade from scrap, salvage, and recycled materials; you will select from a broad menu of sizes, color, and pattern choices. HOWEVER: This prize is only HALF credit -- and you will have to win another half-credit in a future season of the Wednesday Quiz in order to claim your prize!
2: A set of four (4) Fabric Blocks, lovingly handmade by michael5000. Or, a set of two (2) such blocks custom made to your personal color, size, and/or thematic specifications!
3: A $20 Gift Certificate to the City of Roses’ own Powell’s Books, usable either at actual Powell’s locations or online at!

4: Either a $20 Gift Card to corporate coffee juggernaut Starbucks, or a $30 Gift Card to the Sound Grounds coffeeshop in Portland, Oregon, where much of the content for the Life and Times of Michael5000 is written!

5: Sponsorship of a year's membership at, where you can play against Michael5000 on a regular basis! Or not!

6: A batch of Michael5000’s signature oatmeal-almond-chocolate chip cookies, mailed straight to your home!

7: A boring postcard every week, for six weeks, mailed to your home from Michael5000!
DrSchnell went with the Powells certificate, la gringissima chose the cookies, and Mrs.5000 selected the custom blocks.

Season Two!

...starts next week! We start over with everyone tied at zero. A season is twelve Quizzes long; with your best eight scores counting towards your final score.

Will the topics be the same? No. When I decided to launch the Wednesday Quiz, I came up with a list of 60 topics -- five seasons' worth -- and put them in random order. You never know what's coming next.

Will the rules be the same? Instead of grading the Quizzes on Wednesday evening, I am now allowing entries until at least noon Thursday, Pacific Time.

How can I maximize my chances of success? Mostly by playing every time. I recommend putting the Wednesday Quiz on your calendar.

Why bother? Because the Wednesday Quiz is simply the best weekly test of arbitrarily selected general knowledge in the entire blogosphere. Also, don't forget the fabulous prizes.

See you next week!


Aviatrix said...

Yay for Thursday entries.

Michael5000 said...

Thursday entries accomodate the busy aviation professional on the go!

Melissa said...

Okay, it's going on my calendar; I will not miss out on the next round with prizes like that!