Monday, February 1, 2010

Postcards From Michael5000

Magnificent Aloha Stadium in Honolulu - Hawaii

Spectacular aerial view of this beautiful new 50,000 seat stadium - one of the newest and finest in the U.S. - featuring moveable sectional stands - making it perfectly convertible to baseball - Home of the World Famous Hula Bowl.

Desolation Boardwalk, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Island of Hawaii

Hatboro, Pa.

Aerial View of Hatboro, PA.

Peace Candle of the World

Dedication and Lighting Ceremony performed by Governor Tom McCall on May 9, 1971. This candle is 50 feet tall, 18 feet in diameter, and contains 45,000 pounds of wax. Constructed by WESTERN CANDLE LIMITED, Scappoose, Oregon. Darrel Brock - President.

Trees Motel and Blue Ox Coffee Shop

4 miles north of Klamath at the Trees of Mystery


mrs.5000 said...

What I think is sublime about the last postcard is knowing the photographer was standing so close to the giant statue of Paul Bunyan. It takes real commitment to face away from such an attraction.

Jenners said...

That postcard of Hatboro PA is completely pointless and ugly.

I love the Desolation Boardwalk one. I would love to go there. Gorgeous.

And I totally forgot to tell you, you won my giveaway of "Esquire Presents..." on my book blog! Woo hoo! I have your address already so I'll be getting it out in the mail to you soon. Congrats.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Why aren't there any Spring Break ones with girls' butts?

DrSchnell said...

How about a pairing of postcards of "Desolation Boardwalk" with "Purgatory Park Place"?

Rebel said...

Desolation Boardwalk gets the award for 'most appropriately named boardwalk ever'. You know, if there were such an award.