Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Wednesday Quiz I:12 -- Let Us Now Praise Famous Men

The Wednesday Quiz -- Season I -- Quiz 12

Let Us Now Praise Famous Men

The Wednesday Quiz is a test of knowledge and intuition. Looking up answers or asking your buddy will go down on your permanent record. Questions about the rules are answered here.

This week's Quiz is a identification game. For each image,

Name the Famous Guy

Here are Thirteen images of men who were Time Magazine's Man of the Year or, after 1999, Person of the Year. Identify them for 8 1/3 points apiece. In the unlikely event someone gets all thirteen, the score will be rounded down to 100.

1: 1939 AND 1942

2: 1930

3: 1987

4: 2009

5: 1979

6: 1957

7: 1981

8: 1977

9: 1927 (the first Man of the Year)

10. 1958

11. 1978 AND 1985

12. 1999

13. 1935

Submit your answers in the comments!



Elaine said...

1. Stalin
2. Mohandas Gandhi
3. M. Gorbachev
4. Ben Bernanke
5. Ayatollah Khomeini
6. Kruschchev
7. Lech Walesa
8. Anwar Sadat
9. Charles Lindbergh
10. Charles DeGaulle
11. Chou En Lai
12. ?Scott?
13. Kemal Ataturk

Sorry about the spellings. The spell-checker does not seem to like them.

Christine M. said...

1. Josef Stalin
2. Gandhi
3. Gorbachev
4. Bernanke
5. Ayatollah Khomeini
6. Kruschchev
7. Lech Walesa
8. Anwar Sadat
9. Charles Lindbergh
10. dunno. with that 'stache he's gotta be some French guy. De Gaulle?
11. dunno
12. Jeff...Bezos? the guy who started
13. Haile Selassie (we share a birthday)

Cartophiliac said...

1. Josef Stalin
2. Gandhi
3. Gorbachev
4. Bernake
5. Khomeni
6. Kruschev
7. Lech Walenza
8. Anwar Sadat
9. Charles Lindberg
10. Charles De Gaule
11. Deng Xiao Ping
12. oh, hell! That guy... Bezos? or something like that?
13. Emperor Haille Selasi, Jah, mon!

Elizabeth said...

1. Stalin
2. Gandhi
3. Gorbachev
4. Bernanke
5. Ayatollah Khomenei
6. The shoe - Kruschev?
7. Lech Walesa
8. Begin - no, Sadat?
9. Lindbergh
10. M. de Gaulle
11. Deng Xiao Peng
12. Mister Amazon
13. Hailei Sellassie or however you spell it.

d said...

1 holy shit. is that stalin?!? time named stalin man of the year?!? i am appalled and aghast.
2 m ghandi.
3 gorbachev (sp?)
4 bernanke
5 the ayotollah khomeni
6 some other russian dude. kruschev?
7 oh. l. walesa (i can't remember how to spell it, but the guy who led poland's labor strike.)
8 some indian dude?
9 you can read his signature if you click on the image! thank god. charles lindbergh.
10 not even one clue.
11 so korean dude?
12 the ceo of amazon
13 no clue.

i'm really surprised that time would celebrate so many evil people. and have they ever put a woman on the cover? i can't remember.

Nichim said...

1. Stalin
2. Ghandi
And then let's skip to
13. Haile Selassie, the Lion of Judah & etc.

DrSchnell said...

1. Joseph Stalin
2. Ghandi
3. Gorbachev
4. Ben Bernanke
5. Ayatollah Khomeni
6. Khruschev, caressing Sputnik?
7. Lech Walesa
8. Anwar Sadat
9. Um......
10. Ummmmmm......
11. Deng Xiaoping
12. Jeff Bezos
13. Haile Selassie

Ben said...

Time for my weekly embarrassment:

1. Mussolini
2. Gandhi
3. Gorbachev
4. Bernanke
5. Khomeni
6. Kruschev
7. Walesa
8. Sadat
9. Kennedy? (the father)
10. Cronkite
11. Pinochet
12. If I knew a name, I would guess the founder of Amazon.
13. I got nothin'.

UnwiseOwl said...

Oh dear...I did very badly.
Perhaps I am showing my age here.
1. Stalin
2. Ghandi
3. Gorbachev
4. Some banker I've never heard of.
5. Khomeini
6. Krucshev (not the most flattering picture)
7. Looks like Ned Kelly. Probably isn't.
8. I know this face, but who he is escapes me
9. Lindberg
10. De Gaulle
11. XiouPing
12. No idea, the Ebay guy?
13. Franco?

Aviatrix said...

Yay, I'm here on a Wednesday.

1 Joseph Stalin
2 Mahatma Gandhi
3 Mikhail Gorbachev
4 Alan Greenspan
5 Ayatollah Khomeni
6 Nikita Krushchev
7 Lech Walesa
8 Mao Ze Dong's successor
9 Charles Lindbergh
10 looks like Fran├žois Mitterand but the date is wrong
11 China leadership, don't know name.
12 E-Bay founder
13 the king of somewhere between Spain and Persia

I have difficulty in general recognizing faces, so I'm amazed to know so many. It's a combination of Michael's careful hints and the caricature nature of the images. For each one I don't recognize, I'm a little afraid, because if they are as important as the ones I do, I should. I know Time incites controversy by choosing the mover of world events and not the most popular player.

mrs.5000 said...

oh, my, I almost forgot to embarrass myself!
1 Stalin
2 Mahatma Gandhi
3 Gorbachev
4 Bernanke
5 Ayatollah Khomeini
6 Kruschev
7 Lech Walensa
8 Anwar Sadat
9 Charles Lindbergh
10 I want to say Sir Gussie Finknottle, but since I dream of somehow blundering onto a correct answer, I'll say George Orwell
11 luckily, you can see his name--Rauschenberg! Wow, whaddya know. Um, Deng Hsiao Ping? Sorry about the spelling.
12 Jeff Amazon
13 King Hussein

Michael5000 said...

Cartophiliac nailed it, with all thirteen. La gringissima and Elizabeth also got 12/13 for a full 100 points.


In sixth place, Elizabeth extended her lead over seventh place Ben, and in fact came within 19 points of sneaking into fifth.

Despite a strong showing by Elaine, Carto managed to eke past her for pride of fourth place.

In third place, with 710.84 points, was Mrs.5000.

But proving that the Wednesday Quiz is a game of inches, la gringissima's final point total of 759.16 was not quite enough to hold off DrSchnell, who took the dogfight with a whopping 763.33 points.

Now this is the point where you'd expect me to talk about the fabulous prizes, but having a new and more challenging job has got me a bit off my game, as it were. So we'll have an awards ceremony next Wednesday, during by-week.

Congrats to all 41 entrants who played at least one quiz in Season One -- everybody is invited back for an all-new series of games in Season Two.

Elaine said...

Carto did NOT 'eke' past me. He slithered, squeaked, oozed, crept, sneaked, pussy-footed, or weaseled. No, but seriously, I admired that he got ALL of those Time Magazine covers; I had no clue about the three I missed.

A new job? You are no longer a drudge?

Cartophiliac said...

"He slithered, squeaked, oozed, crept, sneaked, pussy-footed, or weaseled."

Well, dang! If can do all those things, how come I only ended up in 4th?

I need to get an upgrade on my evil powers.

Michael5000 said...

I especially admired the oozing.

Elaine said...

Carto, you are quite evil enough, taking a little old lady's seat on the bus at the very last minute! Can't you find some flies that need their wings pulled off, or something?

M5000--where's that woodpecker quiz you promised? I'm betting Carto is not a birder! It will be my chance to get