Friday, October 29, 2010

DorkFest Friday

Dorkfest Friday

Today was supposed to be a Flag Friday, but let me tell you something about Flag Fridays: they're popular, but they take FOREVER to crank out.  So, since we are in the stealthy crunchtime of the year...

And by the way, have you gentle readers noticed that?  Summer is always a busy season, but you EXPECT it to be busy.   You also expect that "eh, once September gets here things will start to calm down."  But they DON'T!  THEY SPEED UP!!!  And every year I get caught gasping for breath this time of year, just in time to start experiencing the pre-holiday stress rampup.

So anyway, no Flag Friday for you this week.  If you like, you can go back to Flag Friday VI, which is a pretty good one that you haven't seen for a while.   (You can also meditate on the unfortunate news that the "Myanmar" government of Burma went ahead with the crappy new flag design discussed there, which was implemented last week.

This is the first of what I suspect will be an increasing parade of missed deadlines as I try to "lighten up" about the goddamn blog, which is after all supposed to be a "fun hobby" and not a "life's work."  Since there's nothing going on here until the Bear checks in on Saturday afternoon, I encourage you to push your personal dorkiness envelope by taking the Wednesday-Quiz-in-Exile's scathingly difficult test of Australian geography!  Please note that this activity is not especially dorky if you yourself happen to be Australian.

Celebrations of personal dorkiness continue to be welcome in the comments.


Gilion at Rose City Reader said...

Yes, it is a hobby, not an ordeal. I used to see a button you could put on your blog that said "Blogging Without Obligation." I thought that was a good motto to adopt.

Jenners said...

Yes ... it should be FUN. Have some FUN, dammit or just stop blogging!

UnwiseOwl said...

I would contend that the test was still dorky for Australians, but you pan-Pacific types certainly earned some kudos from me.
Michael, we love your blogging, but if it's not fun there's not really any point. The whole living thing is apparently more important.