Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Your Wednesday Dorky Postcard from Michael5000

Dorkfest Continues!

After a mild warm up period of pre-Fest maneuvering, it was inspiring to see L&TM5K reader Morgan school us in the gentle art of THROWING DOWN!!!  Nor have other readers taken his claim to be the biggest Dork in the room lying down, and it has been exciting for instance to see 2007-08 Vice-Dork fingerstothebone return to high-level competition with a powerful entry of her own.  Elaine, nichim, and Mm Mud have all made strong steps towards embracing and honoring their inner dorks.  Others, if I am not mistaken, are employing strategies such as "keeping something in reserve" and "jockeying for position," which is itself pretty dorky behavior.

Yankee in England, demonstrating the principle of dorkiness not just in word but in deed, requested a logo for this year's fest, and naturally I could not rest until I produced one.  You may copy it out and use it to promote Dorkfest among your friends, or just to brag about your participation.

Rules Change!  Did I say Saturday morning?  I meant Sunday morning.  You've got until Sunday morning to get your entry into the comments.  You can use Monday's post, this post, whichever.  I'll find it.  

Remember: your post must -- at least conceptually -- begin with the phrase
I embody dorkiness by ____________.
And please: no bashful demurring, no denying that YOU could have anything dorky to contribute.  You've got plenty, I assure you.

And now, as you are entitled to a Boring Postcard on Wednesdays:


As the Northumberland County seat since 1772, the town of Sunbury is viewed from market Street where some county offices are now located. On the banks of the Susquehanna River, scenic and historic Sunburgy can be seen from an elevated vantage point near Shikellamy State Park.

Provenance: Sent by L&TM5K Reader Dug, Summer 2009.  Possibly not intended as a "Boring Postcard" per se.  No offense intended.


Nichim said...

I'm concerned that I will not be able to effectively complete my DorkFest 2010 CV and portfolio, for my copy of Lichens of North America has arrived in the mail. See for a taste of what I can't tear myself away from (not least of which is the list of corrections, of course).

Dug said...

Boring postcard perhaps but the town is actually pretty interesting-in a boring kind of way.

Elaine said...

About to embark on a 10-day trip, where I will do my dorky best to eat as much tasso, andouille, gator tail, and so forth, as possible. I will attempt to find a boring postcard for my favorite Dork5000, but Cajun country is not very boring. Then will be celebrating a certain 30th birthday with someone in Vicksburg; gee, now what's her name?.....

Will try to check the website in order not to delay the awarding of my DorkTiara. Embodying dorkiness as I do, I'll be wearing fishing clothes most of the trip :0)

Au revoir!

Michael5000 said...

Bon Voyage et Lassaiz le Bon Temps Rollez!

Yankee in England said...

What time Sunday Morning? GMT? or GMT-7 your time zone? Speaking of GMT I have straddled the Prime Meridian when I climbed the really steep hill to go to the Greenwich Conservatory thats just a little bit dorky, a lotta bit dorky is at 27 I made my MIL take a picture of me stradling the Prime Meridian. Don't forget BST ends this weekend so clocks go back as well wouldn't want to be disqualified form entering because your entry was late!

UnwiseOwl said...

I would like to humbly submit my comment in the last post as a preliminary submission. Encyclopaedic knowledge of dorky happenings even before I read this blog are surely evidence of a great and pervasive dorkdom.

That or stalking. Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference.

That said, I'm part way through an epic poem exalting my dorkdom.

Jenners said...

Why is this not being covered on the news!!!????

Michael5000 said...

Somehow people prefer baseball.

Yankee in England said...

As there is comment moderation on the original post I will post here as well so that you can all enjoy my entry to DorkFest.

Rebel said...

Although I am not actually participating this year, I did wear my dorkiest hat today. It is a hat knit in a binary cable pattern as part of a global Hat-knitting War. Dork On!

Aviatrix said...

Yankee in England, climbing the hill to Greenwich Observatory and having your picture taken straddling the Prime Meridian is barely entry level for this crowd. Did you, for example, wait until 00:00 to click the shutter? Were you posing as a clock showing the time in your local time zone? Do you have a photo of yourself straddling every divisible-by-ten meridian you have ever crossed?