Thursday, February 10, 2011

96 Years Later, the Postcard Arrives

In a recent post about how it is increasingly traditional for readers to spontaneously send me awesome loot in the mail -- although you are of course under no legal obligation to do so -- I mentioned that frequent commenter Elizabeth* had sent something worth its own post.  

It dates from 1915, putting it at the very early edge of this kind of postcard packet.  With more than a dozen vintage hometown images, it's a real treasure.

Did Mount Hood ever glow like that on the horizon, before the city was fully lighted?  I can't imagine it reached anything like that intensity very often.

Still exists!  Lots of images here.

Looks familiar.  Is this one still around, Mrs.5000?

Still exists.  Jeff High has both one of the troubled reputations and proudest heritages of the City of Roses' high schools.

Does not really capture the magic, somehow.

We're all about the roses, yo.

* It is perhaps only fair to mention that Elizabeth, in addition to her readership status, is a frequent participant in offline activities of The 5000s.


Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

"The city I live in; the city of roses. Lonely as I am, together we cry . . . .. "

Michael5000 said...

Don't get all sentimental on me, Dr. Ken.

Rebel said...

You should go up to OHSU some day in the early evening / twilight. I swear there are days when Mt. Hood does glow... not quite like in that picture, but very impressively nonetheless.

Michael5000 said...

Maybe next time I need a major surgery or something.

Jenners said...

You probably just went bananas when this arrived. And I think Mt. Hood was built by aliens -- hence the glow.

Elaine Corwin said...

These are especially fine. The Christian Science Church is almost unrecognizable now (1813 NW Everett). What a great present!