Tuesday, February 22, 2011

March Madness: Get Your Bracket Ready!

What U.S. State or Territorial Flag will emerge triumphant?  Pick your favorites now and be ready to cast your votes throughout March as 56 flags go head to head on Vexillophilia & The Life and Times of Michael5000.

First Round Schedule

February 28: East Regional, Round 1
March 1: South Regional, Round 1
March 3: North Regional, Round 1
March 4: West Regional, Round 1

Second Round Schedule

March 7: East Regional, Round 2
March 8: South Regional, Round 2
March 10: North Regional, Round 2
March 11: West Regional, Round 2


Ben said...

I can see why Alaska and New Mexico are the top seeds in the West bracket--they do indeed deserve a bye! Looking forward to the tournament!

Michael5000 said...

Alaska and New Mexico did really well in the regular season.

Elaine said...

Is there a way to print up this tree-grid thingie? I notice Oregon has TWO flags...hmm.

Michael5000 said...

Elaine: You could for instance right click on it, do a "Save Image," then either print it directly or insert it into a Word document and print it there. Sky's the limit, really.

Oregon has one two-sided "flag." If you can call a two-sided object a "flag." I refer you to this post and the subsequent hijinx. Especially Rebel's contribution, which still makes me laugh every time I see it.

Elaine said...

I fear that one of my friends labeled me a 'Techno-Peasant.' Now you know why.

Nice link--2008. Before My Time.

23 Years in Ohio gave me a fondness for the flag (and I see it's a top-seed, too, so it grew on you?)

Elaine said...

East: I pick VT; WV; MA; DC; VA; CT.

Most of these are sucky and I expect them to get dropped.

Dug said...

Aren't these flags all too "busy" to be considered? You have put the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico at a disadvantage by not showing their flags - not that I was going to vote for them anyway.

Here's my top four votes:
1. New Mexico
2. New Mexico
3. New Mexico
4. South Carolina

Michael5000 said...

Regarding Ohio, sure, it's a second seed -- but it's in the Northern division, which in my humble opinion is pretty weak. Most of the real action will be in the West and South, I bet.

Dug, true, I couldn't find a graphic that had all the flags just right. I'll have them both visible when they go head to head, though -- and at that point, you'll have the opportunity to point out that the images are of varying quality! Probably there will be a lot of bad calls.