Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Send Not to Know for Whom the Wednesday Quiz Tolls


Now!  100% Free of Groundhog Content!

The new weekly game of knowledge, intuition, inductive reasoning, and willingness to risk public embarrassment in a friendly and moderately supportive environment!!

Tell two friends to take the Wednesday Quiz!  They'll tell two friends to take the Wednesday Quiz!  And so on, and so on, and so on! Answers come out on Friday! 

1. It's the one with "Michelle," "In My Life," and "Girl."

2. Once a feisty little publishing firm that made headlines by publishing the allegedly obscene Ulysses, it is now the brand name for one of the most enormous publishing empires here on the planet.

3. If you were here, where would you be?

4. The eighth book of the Old Testament is a short story about famine, love, and real estate.  What's it called?

5. What well-known team includes Cupid and Vixen among its members?

6. Who painted this?

7. What author penned these lines?
"It's a strange thing, but when you are dreading something, and would give anything to slow down time, it has a disobliging habit of speeding up."
"As much money and life as you could want! The two things most human beings would choose above all - the trouble is, humans do have a knack of choosing precisely those things that are worst for them."

8. Assuming that the line AC is perpendicular to the line BD -- and I assure you, it is -- ABCD is a ___________.

9. Some of his other books are Shame, Haroun and the Sea of Stories, East, West,The Ground Beneath Her Feet, and The Enchantress of Florence.

10. What's that word that means: a container for the physical remains of saints, such as bones or pieces of clothing, or for some other object associated with saints or other religious figures?


The tie-breaker, if you are so inclined: How many other visual artists can you name whose names begin with this week's letter.  Responses will be fame-checked in the library5000's reasonably extensive library of second-hand art books.

Get at least five right, or there will be another six weeks of winter!  Answers in the comments, of course.  


Christine M. said...

1. Rubber Soul
2. Random House
3. Rio de Janeiro
4. Ruth
5. reindeer
6. Rembrandt
7. dunno
8. rhomboid
9. Salman Rushdie
10. reliquary

Rouault (sp?)
Man Ray
Ad Reinhardt
Joshua Reynolds
Diego Rivera
Mark Rothko
Mies van der Rohe (does that count?)

PB said...

1. Revolver (only Beatles album I can think of that starts with R)
2. Random House (ditto with publishing houses)
3. Rio de Janeiro
4. Ruth
5. Reindeer (of Santa)
6. Rembrandt (ditto with Dutch-style artists)
7. J.K. Rowling! Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone - Dumbledore discusses the stone of the title with Harry
8. Regular parallelogram?
9. I have no idea, so I'm just going to suggest that at some point you should throw in an answer that doesn't start with this week's letter, just to throw people off.
10. reliquary

Raphael, Renoir...

SnowGirl said...

1. Revolver, wait no... Rubber Soul. Yes Rubber Soul.
2. Random House
3. Rio de Janiero
4. Ruth
5. Reindeer - Santa's team
6. Rembrandt
7. Rice?
8. Rhombus
9. Rushdie
10. Reliquay

Renoir, Raphael, Reynolds, R.....

Nichim said...

1.not Revolver
2.Random House
3.surely not Rome?
5.the reindeer of Santa Claus
6. Rembrant
7. hah! Sounds a lot like Albus Dumbledore. Rowling, J.K.
8. a rhombus
9. Salaman Rushdie
10. a reliquary

er, Raphael? Renoir.

Elaine said...

Oh, sh...oot.
1. some album beginning with R, I suppose? Red Album?
2. Rupert?
3. Rio? I recognize the Christ of the Andes, but I thought it was more...westerly
4. Ruth
5. Reindeer (eight, tiny)
6. Rubens
7. Rousseau?
8. Rhombus
9. Rushdie
10. Reliquary

Rembrandt; Roethke,(Spelling that wrong, I imagine); Rousseau; Raphael; Renoir

Another humiliation....

Eavan said...

1. Not their best.
2. The question is, do they still publish obscenity?
3. Rio de Janeiro
4. Ruth
5. Reindeer
6. Rembrandt
7. This sounds familiar... but then, the general sentiments could have been articulated by more than one author...
8. Rhombus
9. Rushdie
10. Reliquary

mrs.5000 said...

1 Revolver
2 Random House
3 Rio de Janeiro
4 Ruth
5 reindeer, Santa's
6 Rembrandt
7 Well, these seem Remarkably difficult to pin down, in either era or genre, yet also vaguely familiar. So I am guessing the author of The Life and Times of Tristram Shandy. I'll be d---ed if I can remember if his name starts with an R or not, but will just put this down and avoid Racking my brains all day, which might hurt.
8 rhombus
9 Rudyardkipling?
10 reliquary
Tie: Rousseau, Rubens, alphabetical synapses are really struggling this morning...Rothko, Rauschenberg, the Rohan Master, Rivera...well, that will do.

mrs.5000 said...

oh, of course it was Rubber Soul! Revolver came out of my brain with a big fat R and I forgot to check if it was right.

Elizabeth said...

1. Really old Beatles album
2. Rand-McNally?
3. Rio di Janiero
4. Ruth
5. Rudolph's sleighmates
6. Raphael. No, Rembrandt. It's dark.
7. Ray Bradbury
8. Rhombus
9. Naghib Mafouz, writing under the pen name "Rashid"
10. Reliquary

Ben said...

1.I would guess this is a musical album, but I have no idea which.
2. Random House
3. Rio de Janeiro
4. Ruth
5. Santa's Reindeer
6. Rembrandt
7. Dunno
8. Rhombus
9. I guess I don't know my authors!
10. Reliquary

Aviatrix said...

This one is even harder than the last one for me. I don't even know if I've got the right letter. But that never stopped me from making things up.

1. These sound like song titles, so "the one with" must refer to an album title. None of Dark Side of the Moon, The White Album or Live Bait starts with an R, and those are the only albums I can think of, so I'll have to make one up. Running Away by the Randy Seagulls.
2. Reuters - that's a news agency, but it's the only R-word to do with publishng that springs to mind.
3. Rio de Janiero - for some reason I want to place this guy in Colombia, but I can't think of any R-names there.
4. Ruth - Does she have a whole book?
5. reindeer - I wanted this to be "Santa's Reindeer" making #8 "squashed square" and requiring new guesses for everything else
6. Rubens - Gotta love the neck ruffs. The current fashion of wearing a necktie and pointy-tipped shirt collar has gone on too long. It's time for a new wave of ridiculous neck fashion.
7. Rowlings
8. rhombus
9. I honestly can't think of any male authors beginning with R, and I'm not familiar with those books. Oh, got one: Rand.
10. relic repository - I see another half point in my future

I don't think I can name any more R-artists. If I could, don't you think I would have done better than Rubens?

I'm sorry everyone. I'm afraid the long winter will be my fault.

Michael5000 said...

It's true ol' Ayn was a bit butch...

balaywho said...

1. Revolver
2. Random House
3. Rio de Janiero
4. Revelations
5. Reindeer (of Santa)
6. Rembrandt
7. Andy Rooney??
8. rhombus
9. Read by somebody other than me
10. Reliquary

I think I'm too tired for the bonus question... Joshua Reynolds, Man Ray, Rodin, that's all i got .

Mm mud said...

1. Rubber soul
2. Random house
3. Rio
4. Wrath??
5. Rolling stones?
6. Rembrant (Renoir, Raphael - other R's)
7. Rush Limbaugh - the pessimist
8. Rhombus
9. Rushdie (East and West is my favorite. Although I don't read Rushdie anymore)
10. Receptacle??

Anonymous said...

You know something funny? Even after looking at the answers, I still don't remember those lines from JK Rowling -- but when I was first reading them, I thought they sounded like they came from a decades-old children's book. Maybe British phrasings sound old-fashioned...

lauren b said...

1. White Album

2. Bloomsbury
3. Rio de Janeiro

4. Job

5. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

6. Rembrandt

7. C.S. Lewis

8. Rhombus

9. Hardy

10. Reliquary

lauren b said...

Huh? This week's letter? R? Looks like I missed a memo. Lulz.

Michael5000 said...

Bringin' the answers!

1. Rubber Soul. I was hoping that the generic names would throw people off the scent, but it was mostly cognitive dissonance what done it.
2. Random House
3. Rio de Janeiro
4. Ruth, Book of
5. Reindeer, Santa's. Again, taking the generic names out of context got me nowhere.
6. Rembrandt
7. Rowling, J.K. It's Harry Pottage.
8. Rhombis
9. Rushdie, Salman
10. Reliquary