Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Turkish Schoolgirl -- Now in Full Color!

So, recently Niece #1 was over and we were doing the craftsy thing and she pounded out this painting in like an hour and a half.

This was based on a photograph from one of our art books, Mary Ellen Mark's Turkish Schoolgirl.

So this raised the interesting question -- did Niece #1 match the original colors of Mark's photograph?  I spent a while trying to find the color "original" of the photograph on line, before running into a description of Mark as being noted for her black and white portraiture.  Oh, right.

We're looking for a right-sized frame, but in the meantime we've got it hanging on the fridge like N#1 was our second grade daughter or something.


Rebel said...

While I do not agree with your assessment that your nieces are better than my niece, I will concur with the sentiment - your Niece Rocks!

Jennifer said...


That is just amazing. And you will have the best-decorated fridge around.

Jenners said...

Wow ... I'm impressed. You got yourself some pretty special nieces!

Elaine said...

Just urge her to major in something that will earn her a living while she's doing her amazing art....
(Don't ask how I know this.)