Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy Rose Bowl Sunday!

The IAT (fL&TM5K) naturally expects you to support the University of Oregon Ducks, unless you have a damn good reason to the contrary, such as a position on the University of Wisconsin faculty.

But there's more than one contest in town.

During halftime and the interminable commercial breaks, you can check to make sure you've cast your vote in all of the current IAT (fL&TM5K) action!

The hopefuls (in blue) for Element of the Year 2011!
Element of the Year 2011!

The Infinite Art Tournament, First Round!
Baumeister v. Bazille

Bassano v. Batoni

Baselitz v. Basquiat

Balthus v. Fra Bartolommeo

Baldung v. Balla

Avercamp v. Bacon

Audubon v. Auerbach

The Infinite Art Tournament, Second Round!
Archipenko v. Arcimboldo

Fra Angelico v. Anguissola

Altdorfer v. Andre

Agasse v. Algardi

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