Monday, January 23, 2012

Michael5000 Shows Jenners a Thing or Twenty-two

When I resolved to do daily sets of push-ups to match the date this month, there were some skeptics!  Or at least one.  It was regular IAT(fL&TM5K) reader Jenners.  She said the following, which I am only distorting a little bit by taking it out of context:
I can't imagine you doing 22 push-ups by Jan. 22. Can you do a vlog...?
IS SHE RIGHT?!?  Is it even possible that I could do 22 push-ups on January 22?  Or would a vlog instead reveal my shame and humiliation?  Let's find out* in this little video I took yesterday, January 22!

* For those of you who do not wish to watch video of a middle-aged dude doing push-ups, the answer is yeah, I can.  I am not nearly the wuss that Jenners apparently thinks I am.


margaret said...

Hm, no video there. Did you get a case of the shys, or did the organizers for the Mr. Universe contest call you in for audition? I was totally looking forward to watching a middle-aged dude do push-ups as I sit here in sea of lethargy. C'mon, repost or load, or whatever!

Jenners said...

I find it highly suspicious that the video was not able to be played -- leaving me with only your word. So I guess you haven't yet showed me anything!

Voron X said...

Great job Michael (I can't see the video either, but I believe you.) btw, I've been doing the pushup thing as well. I keep getting behind by a couple days, though, and having to catch up - so yesterday I did 43, and this morning I did yesterday's 23, but I've done every required push-up (except for todays), so far.