Monday, January 23, 2012

Introducing… The "Infinite Art Tournament!"

This blog, formerly the Life & Times of Michael5000, was renamed (or “rebranded” in the parlance of our times) in December, and is now called Infinite Art Tournament. Many readers have already noticed the change. Longtime reader Chuckdaddy sure did!
I am very opposed to the name change. You can't change the name to a sub-category?!? Unless you plan to make every post about the art tournament, this makes no sense…. Have you never seen an outline? 
Although art plays a significant role in this blog, it is, again, one of many categories. Why would an Art Tournament blog be writing about elements and geography?
To which I cleverly retorted:
You can definitely change a name to a sub-category. There's even a word for it: "synecdoche," the part representing the whole. And, an Art Tournament Blog would be writing about elements and geography because it's infinite, of course. Encompassing all of life's rich banquet with the same sort of reverent/irreverent enthusiasm that would put the canon of great artists into a tournament bracket.
Experimental Masthead #1
Chuckdaddy was unconvinced. But I’m really fond of the new name. In my own mind, at least – and at the end of the day, I’m the only one who knows the account password – it represents the kind of reverent/irreverent stance towards art, and by extension towards all of knowledge and experience, that I try to embody in what I choose to write about. Not buying it? No worries. I’ve got several more reasons for the name change.

Several more reasons for the name change.

1. Although I realize that blogging is very 2004 ("my money's on blogs not even being around in 8 or 9 years," writes reader dhkendall, as if blogs were around now), I persist in hoping that a few more readers might be lured in to occasionally peruse my groovy, groovy content. “Infinite Art Tournament” seems like it might catch the attention of the target demographic, whatever that is.

2. Which is to say, it seems like the name “Infinite Art Tournament” might have the potential to attract people who might be interested in Art, and curious about what an “Art Tournament” might be.

3. Although I have previously affirmed – and hereby reaffirm! – prior use and claim on the name “Michael5000,” changing the name of the blog nevertheless eliminates a minor but perennial source of confusion for fans of Houston-area rapper Michael “5000” Watts. No, really! I don’t think anybody is likely to conflate the two of us, but neither do I wish to, as they say, get all up in Mr. Watts’ grill.

Experimental Masthead #2
4. It’s a way of marking the end of the Quizzes, which have been the marquee feature of the blog for most of its lifespan, and of the Flag Friday business, which has been with us for two years. You know those are ending soon, right? You’re braced, right?

5. Let’s say I needed to cut back on the amount of material I post. Let’s say I decided to stop writing for the blog altogether. What would be a better name for the rump blog (so to speak) that consisted entirely of The Infinite Art Tournament? The Life & Times of Michael5000? Or Infinite Art Tournament?

6. Even at this late date in human evolution, ampersands are still a pain in the butt within html code.

7. Because longtime reader katenben, designer of the 2010-2011 L&TM5K masthead, made a new masthead for IAT before I, having been struggling with the above prototypes, EVEN HAD TIME TO ASK HER IF SHE WOULD. Or offered her any money to do so! Awesome! So, today’s unveiling of the new masthead marks the full transition to the new name.


dhkendall said...

You can definitely change a name to a sub-category. There's even a word for it: "synecdoche,"

I thought that was a city in New York ...

Jenners said...

Well, OK. Your blog, do what you like. I personally like the bracket header better though. : )

gl. said...

"6. Even at this late date in human evolution, ampersands are still a pain in the butt within html code."

i know, right?

Chuckdaddy said...

I guess I can live with it, but maybe you could follow in the footstep of such almost synecdochetastic stores that add one word to open up their potential- like "Clogs and More" or Linens n' Things" or "Bed Bath and Beyond".

Infinite Art Tournament n' More
Infinite Art Tournament Etc
Infinite Art Tournament As Well As Other Items of Interest

Michael5000 said...

I have to admit that "Infinite Art Tournament As Well As Other Items of Interest" has a certain snappy something. How about "Infinite Art Tournamentnkaboodle"? "Infinite Art Depot"?