Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Month to Month Resolutions: February 2012

Hey!  It's the 1503rd Post!

Are you staying up tonight to see in the new month?  No? 

Well, today is the day of reckoning for my inaugural month-to-month goals!  And also time to lay out the "programme," as our British cousins say, for February.  I intend to keep things fairly mellow for now.  Obviously, I will make a new chart for the clipboard.  Clipboards make things happen, in my experience.

Categories and Goals for February 2012

Weighing-in: My January goal was to weigh in every morning.  I only missed two days, so that's pretty good.  (The weight I'm putting over in the sidebar, incidentally, is a weekly median.  It's a little up from this time last year, but I'm weighing myself right out of bed now instead of after a morning workout, so I don't think there's been any particular gain.  Still, the ultimate hope is to shed another 10-15 in the fullness of time, but before the wasting effects of old age set in.)
  • February Goal: Same as for January: simply to weigh myself and record my weight every morning, just like they say you aren't supposed to. 
Push-ups: My January goal of doing a number of push-ups equal to the date was no problem, although I started breaking them into two sets on the 25th.
  • February Goal: To do a number of push-ups equal to the date -- twice.  Once in the morning, and once in the evening.  With Jenners standing on the small of my back.
Cola: I hit my January goal, no more than two units per day per week, without any trouble.  Now we'll step it up a notch!
  • February Goal: To consume no more than twelve units of cola per week.  
Veggies: This one has been the biggest game-changer of the batch.  I have been eating a lot of veggies -- a "unit" turns out to be, basically, a meal-sized portion of vegetables -- and to my surprise, it feels great!  We shall step it up a modest notch.
  • February Goal: To consume no fewer than four units per week, nor, no fewer than nine units per "fortnight" (as our British cousins say).  
Gym: I did not achieve my goal of going to the gym twice in January.  That makes having the gym membership ridiculous, so I have to cancel my membership.
  • February Goal: Discuss with Mrs.5000 whether it would be possible to rig a pull-up bar somewhere in the house.  Keep an eye open for little dumbbells at estate sales.
Paper Mail Sent: I didn't send any mail at all until the 24th or so, and then easily caught up to my 1/day average.  I sent 41 pieces of personal mail, plus probably two or three today.
  • February Goal: Again, an average of at least one item per day over the course of the month.  
That Other Blog: Michael Reads the Bible.  I didn't write either of the two posts I was supposed to write in January.  So I have to write them in February.
  • February Goal: No fewer than four posts over the course of the month.
Garden: There was no goal in this category in January.  Despite that, I did more than 15 minutes of yardwork!
  • February Goal: At least two days of sustained (2+ hours) yardwork! 
Music: There was no goal in this category in January.
  • February Goal #1: At least three sessions of 30+ minutes playing the guitar.
  • February Goal #2: At least three sessions of 15+ minutes playing brass instruments.

Footnote 1: For weekly (and fortnightly) goals, the first week of February is the week beginning Monday, January 30.
Footnote 2: Leap Day is exempt from all goals and resolutions, as it exists outside of real time.
Footnote 3: I was just kidding about Jenners standing on the small of my back.

As I said in January: I trust, Gentle Reader, that I have your blessing and support in these endeavors.  And of course, in your capacity as a Reader of this blog, you have the right to suggest additional goals or to deride the existing ones if you would like me to self-improve in a way more to your liking.


The Calico Cat said...

Cola Unit = litre?

Quilting! Make a goal & stick to it. (1 hour per week doing something quilty.)

Elizabeth said...

You are an inspiration, sir. Perhaps I need to avail myself of a clipboard now and again.

Thom said...

Inspired by January's goals, I joined you in the noble push up campaign. I have gone from being able to barely manage two or three at the start of the month to being able to manage 30 in one go yesterday. Many thanks for that! That said I'm unsure whether I am dipping far enough down to count. I was hoping that vid of yours would be real so I could compare technique.

I think I'll do as you for february but ensuring I dip all the way down. Or something.

Michael5000 said...

Thom: I'm delighted to have a brother in push-ups! I've definitely noticed improvement for myself, but you are in the lead -- I haven't been able to tear off more than 25 at a go yet. I'm planning to make the beginning of February a little more challenging by doing them slooooowly.

Jenners said...

Darn … I was getting ready to fly out to stand on your back for the month.

UnwiseOwl said...

These goals are, as always, most admirable. I am a particular fan of the MRtB and brass instrument goals.
How many brass instruments do you have? My own brass practice is currently on hold as I am living in a house of music-lovers and am terrible at it, to save face and eardrums all around.

UnwiseOwl said...

Also, as a loyal reader of every one of the preceding 1502 posts, I hereby demand my unalienable right to know the goals in the hitherto unmentioned categories of literature consumption (both auditory and visual) and domestic chores (kitchen and bathroom), as well as the intended progress in the purge of the Castle5000 record collection.

mhwitt said...

How about push-ups to match the Julian day calendar? Or squat thrusts.

mrs.5000 said...

Did someone say domestic chores? We've heard about those, but haven't really gotten around to them yet.

Michael5000 said...

Calico: The Cola Unit is a secret. Quilting goals are a posibility.

E: I have a few extras. I also recommend spreadsheets.

Jenners: I had no idea your schedule was so flexible. Would you like to come out in March and hold my ankles for sit-ups?

Owl: I have two brass instruments, a trumpet and a baritone horn.

Literature consumption continues to operate under the aegis of the Reading List. Bathroom chores are controlled by an Outlook calendar, but are generally in arrears. The kitchen just kind of happens; the most productive arrangement seems to be for me to clean the kitchen, after which Mrs.5000 cleans the kitchen. The record collection purge has rather fallen slack.

Marky: What IS a "squat thrust" anyway? Is this something my parents should have told me about?