Thursday, January 19, 2012

Michael5000 Teaches Himself Hindi!*

Michael5000 is chatting casually with his co-worker, a young Hindi-speaking woman.

Michael5000: I've been reading a detective novel from India.  I'm learning some Hindi words, but I don't think they are very nice Hindi words.

Co-Worker: What do you mean, 'not very nice'?

Michael5000: The characters are all gangsters, so I think they are mostly swearing at each other.

Co-Worker (amused, encouraging): Oh, really?  Let's hear an example!

Michael5000: "Chutwa."  "Matachod."  "Ryundi."

Co-Worker: [gasp!]


* See also "Teach Yourself Urdu!" (April 2011)


Jenners said...

Hee hee.

Rebel said...

LOL - that's cute. I once had someone tell me that they'd learned some Thai swear words. He said he was with some friends and they'd asked a Thai person to teach them. And that the Thai person had said it was quite rude, so he shouldn't repeat it. I asked him to repeat this offensive word. He did so - and it was a phrase I was intimately familiar with from my time in Thailand: "I don't speak Thai." LMAO!