Friday, February 17, 2012

The Flag Feature That Would Not Die

In the Flag Friday March Madness Tournament Play-In, Cuba garnered the most votes and claims the 29th seed. It will kick off next week against #4 Gambia.

Estonia and Albania ended up tied one vote behind Cuba. Estonia's Most Favored Nation Status breaks the tie to give it the 30th seed, scheduled to face off versus #3 Japan. Albania will take on #2 Pakistan.

A few votes further back, France ended up deadlocked with Barbados. Since neither country has a special relationship with the IAT(fL&TM5K), flag critic Niece #2 was brought in as a special consultant to resolve the deadlock. France's classic tricolor was awarded the 32nd seed and the perhaps dubious privilege of facing of against top-ranked Israel next week as Infinite Art Tournament presents:

Finite Flag Tournament
March Madness 2012


Yankee in England said...

Will you make us one of those cool line thingies so we can follow along at home?


I think France is one of those bottom seeds that can nock off a #1 seed.

dhkendall said...

Indeed, Dennis, there might be a prominent "upset" that isn't really an "upset".

Michael5000 said...


Gentlemen: On any given Friday, any given flag can win any given matchup. That's why we play the tournament!