Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Wednesday Quiz realizes there is a "Middle Way" of moderation in life


The Wednesday Quiz, in its third incarnation, is basically the same old weekly game of knowledge, intuition, inductive reasoning, and willingness to risk public embarrassment in a friendly and moderately supportive environment!!  

Traditionally, it is a closed-book quiz.

This is it, you know.  Enjoy!

1. As a teen, she volunteered for Goldwater and was the president of the Wellesley College Young Republicans, but by the time she became a Senator for New York in 2000, she had long since become an established Democrat. She currently occupies a Cabinet-level position in the U.S. government.

2. As a teen and in his twenties, he is said to have enjoyed a princely station of much privilege and prestige. Then, for several years he embraced extreme forms of asceticism and self-denial. At thirty-five, sitting under a pipal tree, he realized there was a "Middle Way" of moderation in life. He is now revered by much of the world's population.

3. What country is this stamp from?
4. In their own language, which has no known relation to any other language, this Pueblo people call themselves the A:shiwi.

5. It was only a little fishing village 160 years ago, but when it became the designated trading port of its formerly isolated country, it grew very rapidly. Today it is the second largest city in that country by most measures.

6. Most men only have one of these, but most women have two.

7. Why, it's a woodcut showing the most famous scene from the legend of ________ _______!

8. What's the name of the river I've highlighted on this map of South Africa? Wait! Don't give up right away! You might be able to reason this one out!

9. It can make your skin produce Vitamin D.

10. This ambiguous title in a very well-known work of fiction was said by the author to refer to Minas Morgul and Orthanc.


Express your answers while sitting under a pipal tree.


Anonymous said...

1. Clinton
2. Buddha
3. Austria
4. Zuni
5. Yokohama
6. X chromosomes
7. William Tell
8. Vereenlang
9. UV radiation
10. Trinity (no clue).

Without a weekly quiz I will be walking the path of the lonely ghost.

Ben said...

Aw. Last quiz? I'm really going to miss these. Thanks for all the good (read humiliating) times!

1. Hillary Clinton
2. Buddha
3. Österreich, of course! AKA Austria
4. Zapotec
5. No idea
6. X chromosomes
7. William Tell
8. Vereeniging, or whatever that city is whose name I barely can't read just north of the river.
9. Ultraviolet rays
10. The Two Towers

Morgan said...

Clinton, Buddha, Austria, Zulu, Ytterb, X-Chromosomes, William Tell, Vuvuzela, Ultraviolet Radiation, The Two Towers

gS49 said...

1. Clinton, Hillary
2. Buddha
3. Austria
4. Zuni
5. Yemen
6. X chromosomes
7. William Tell
8. V
9. Ultraviolet radiation
10. Two towers

mrs.5000 said...

1 Hillary Clinton
2 Buddha
3 Austria
4 Zuni
5 Yokohama
6 X chromosome
7 William Tell
8 the Vereeniging River?
9 unguent
10 The Two Towers

This is it? Thank you for all the quizzes!

Anonymous said...

The Two Towers. I still have no clue.

dhkendall said...

Usually, I sit these out, as I prefer to "play along at home", but since it's the last one, I'll share with y'all. (I'll even refrain my any smart-alec answers since I seem to be the only one who appreciates them, despite several questions begging for one ... )

H. R. Clinton
X Chromosomes
William Tell

Thank you to Michael5000 for the quizzes, and to the Michael5000 community for answering them and helping me learn the answers.

PB said...

The final Wednesday quiz? I will remember them fondly.

1) Hilary Rodham Clinton
2) Buddha (also known as Siddhartha)
3) Austria
4) Absolutely no idea - and it wouldn't be the Wednesday quiz if I knew all of them!
5) Yalta? (Again, no clue)
6) X chromosone
7) William Tell
8) South African river starting with V, splits off the Orange River - has to be something Dutch, right? Something with Van___ or the like? Afraid my Dutch South African history is not up to snuff here.
9) UV light?
10) The Two Towers

And so it ends - how nice to see a personal favorite in the final question.

Voron X said...

1. Clinton, Hillary
2. Siddharta Guatama doesn't start with a "B"! Oh, you mean the Buddha!
3. Austria
4. Zuni
5. From 1852? Really? Y oh Y is this so hard? Y can't I think of it? It's not Yerevan. or York. Yakarta? Yellow-something?
6. X Chromosome
7. William Tell
8. V...Violet (to go with Orange?) Van der Meer? Van Dyke? Vermillion? I don't see a way to logic it out, unless it's the Vereeniging River.
9. Ultraviolet rays.
X. The Two Towers!

UnwiseOwl said...

If this is the last quiz, I will be a very sad boy, and will have to get back into writing my quizzes just to shanme you into starting again :)

1. Hillary Clinton?
2. My first thought was St. Benedict, but since that was silly, it must be the Buddha.
3. Austria
4. No idea, let's say Zulu, becuase being a couple of continents out is kinda funny. If not, I claim my Antipodean Ignorance bonus.
5. Yokohama?
6. X Chromosome
7. Tell, William. I know nothing else about william Tell.
8. V...huh. Ok, first thought was that I had no idea, but a quick scan of my memory banks jogged by looking at the little bit that says "orange" makes me think that maybe this is the "vaal". I've never heard of a vaal river, but the idea of trans-vaal suddenly makes sense to me.
9. UV Radiation.
10. The Two Towers.