Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Month to Month Resolutions: March 2012

It’s the end of the month! Time to assess progress on our various tasks of human self-improvement!

Categories and Goals for March 2012

Weighing-in: I’ve now spent two months getting into the habit of weighing in every morning. Now comes the interesting part: forcing the number to begin to begin dropping. This will be achieved through sheer force of will, and also perhaps by reducing caloric intake.
  • March Goal: Continuing to weigh myself and record my weight every morning in the established manner. Beginning March 25, there will be a financial penalty of 10 cents per tenth of a pound over 200 pounds, daily. To whom this penalty will be paid isn’t worked out yet. But then it doesn’t need to be, for I shall meet this goal.

Push-ups: My February goal of doing two sets of push-ups equal to the date was no problem.
  • March Goal: To do sets of 20 push-ups once in the morning, and once in the evening. Also: on Thursdays, extra sets will be added to bring that day’s total to 100 push-ups. Also: once a day, if she so chooses, Mrs.5000 may bark “give me ten!” at which point I will be obligated to perform an immediate set of ten pushups.

Cola: The February goal was bent, but never broken.
  • March Goal: Again, to consume no more than twelve units of cola per week.

Veggies: We continue to like this veggie concept, and will expand it further.
  • March Goal: To consume no fewer than five units per week. (It might be noted that a “veggie unit” is quite large – essentially a meal of raw vegetables.)

Paper Mail Sent: This continues to be an easy one for me.
  • March Goal: Again, an average of at least one item per day over the course of the month.

That Other Blog: Once again, I neglected Michael Reads the Bible. Meanwhile, I’ve been asked to get involved with two other writing projects, so MRTB is back in mothballs. It is replaced by a new category:

Writing Projects:
  • March Goal: A minimum of three hours a week spent on them. Oh, and let’s say seven a fortnight, just for grins.

Garden: I failed on this one. I don’t even have a good weather excuse, I’m just out of the garden habit. For the time being, there will be no consequences; we’ll just try again.
  • March Goal: At least two days of sustained (2+ hours) yardwork!

Music: Speaking of being out of the habit! I noticed a thick coat of dust on one of my guitars this morning. I failed, too, at this modest goal. Again, for now we’ll just regroup and try again.
  • March Goal #1: At least three sessions of 30+ minutes playing the guitar.
  • March Goal #2: At least three sessions of 15+ minutes playing brass instruments.

And, another new Category: The Calico Cat has nominated Quilting Goals. This is indeed needful, but it is unlikely to be a primary focus in the next few weeks. Let’s say
  • March Goal: Three hours per fortnight spent on quilting tasks, which may be either productive or organizational in nature. Quilting handwork performed in a multitasking context counted at 50%.

Footnote 1: For weekly goals, the first week of March begins Monday, February 27.
Footnote 2: For fortnightly goals, the first fortnight of March begins Monday, March 5.
Footnote 3: For monthly goals, activity as of Monday, February 27 may be counted towards the March total.

As I said in January: I trust, Gentle Reader, that I have your blessing and support in these endeavors. And of course, in your capacity as a Reader of this blog, you have the right to suggest additional goals or to deride the existing ones if you would like me to self-improve in a way more to your liking.


The Calico Cat said...

Aside from gardening, I don't see any "housework/house hold" goals. I'd like to see, mopping, toilet scrubbing, laundry & the like added to the list. :o)

Jenners said...

What the hell happened to the Beatles project??????

I vote for punishments for all unmet goals.

Voron X said...

I'm confused about the push-ups for February. I myself just kept on adding a push up a day, until today stands at 59 a day (with which I've been keeping up.)

Did you start over at 2, 4, 6, 8/day on Feb 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th up to 2 x 28 today? Or were you doing 64, 66, 68, 70 per day up to two sets of 59 today?
It looks like you're settling in at 40-50 per day with 100-110 per day once a week.

Incidentally, my pushup regimen gets an extra bonus. Usually, at some point in my evening pushups, I may get an extra ~30 lbs to lift as my 3-yr-old decides he wants to climb on my back. This usually only lasts for 5-10 push-ups. They still only count as one push-up each.

I also broke out two 15 lb dumbbell freeweights, but have yet to settle into a regular defined regimen, but I can crank out a good 25 curl reps easily enough.

gl. said...

"obligated" or "delighted"?

Michael5000 said...

Calico: This isn't a "keep the basic functions going" list, it's a "focus on improving things" list.

Jenners: The Beatles project is always something I plan on getting back on tomorrow. I suggest a postcard campaign to inspire me.

We can discuss your desire to punish me in more detail by personal message.

Mr. X: I started over at 2, 4, 6, 8/day in February. I never planned to keep tacking on another pushup every day all year; I think that was Jenners' idea, actually. (She wants to punish me. I'm not saying yes, I'm not saying no.)

My pushup regimen runs into an occasional barrier when Caliban the Cat decides that I'm on the floor for his benefit and inserts himself between chest and floor. He's stealthy, so it's a weird surprise every time. But a nice one.

Good job on the freeweights. I'm just going to wait until I run into a cheap or free set somewhere.

gl: Just so!