Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Wednesday Post

Lots of Highly Dubious 1970s-era "Stamps" from Highly Dubious "Countries."
Ebay item number #310381487579

More than 100 "stamps" from, mostly, the component states of the United Arab Emirates, dated to the early and mid 1970s. None of these suckers ever saw a post office, of course; they were made to be sold to gullible children such as myself. One of the lessons of stamp collecting was the gradual realization that not everything that looked like a stamp, and that was sold to you as a stamp, was really a "stamp" in any meaningful sense.

Well, here it is 30+ years later, I'm interested in stamps again, and I find that I've had this batch of not-stamps in storage the whole time. I have read, with some skepticism, that there are people out there that are actually interested in such "Cinderellas." If that's you, I would be delighted to sell you this batch at a very low, low price. I would be even more delighted to sell them to you at a very high price, but I am not holding my breath.

Other reasons to bid on this auction would be if you want exotic stamp-like objects for a crafts project! Or distinctive confetti! Or, perhaps you are browsing the stamp auctions on Ebay after having had a little bit to drink, and you're thinking "Aw, man, I should bid on this, just as a gag!" If so, I encourage you to indulge that whim. Remember, the higher the sale price would be, the funnier the gag would be!

As you can seen in the image, these "stamps" are from such notorious "stamp" producers as "Manama," "Umm-Al-Qiwain," "Sharjah and Dependences," "Ras al Khaima," and "Ajman State," as well as a few bona fide countries like Dubai and Oman. There's some space themes, some car themes, some airplane themes, etc. The sheets are in pretty good shape but ungummed. A few of the stamps are curled; few were ever gummed.

Why not make a bid on Ebay item number #310381487579!?  Auction closes Monday, February 27!


Bridget said...

LOL - I LOVED this stuff when I was a kid - pretty sure I have a stash somewhere, too!

Michael5000 said...

I have found myself singing the 1983 Van Halen hit "Panama" several times recently, except saying "Manama" instead of "Panama."

dhkendall said...

(Surprised you're not singing the more famous Muppet song when you see "Manama"'s name. (Tried to avoid naming the song, but it's such an earworm that you probably have it in your head now regardless ... )

I have always wondered how to tell what is a Cinderella and what is a legitimate stamp? I have a few that I'm pretty sure are Cinderellas, and I get the impression from your post that pretty much anything from those emirates would be Cinderellas, but I also have some that look somewhat legit. What's the secret of knowing, short of running all my 5,000+ stamps through a Scott's catalogue (which I didn't have time for as a kid, never mind as a grown man with a job, wife, and kids)

Michael5000 said...

I am not familiar with the Muppet ouvre. A good thing, perhaps?

I'm definitely no authority on the whole "Cinderella" business, but when the cancelation was obviously already on the stamp as part of the original printing and nobody even bothered to slap any adhesive on the back, I think we are very definitely riding the magic pumpkin coach.

Michael5000 said...

Follow-up: It sold! For a penny!