Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Play-In Artist SubTournament: Phase 1, Flight 6

Phase One Rules:
  1. You may cast votes for up to four artists.  
    • One vote per artist per person.
  2. Since play-in artists were nominated by your peers in the IAT community, including myself, courteous and affirmative voting is in order
    • Which is to say, no baggin' on the aesthetic sensibilities of the nominators.
  3. Full rules, procedures, and anticipated timeline for the Play-In SubTournament are available on the Play-In SubTournament page.

Phase 1, Flight 4 will be open until noon PST, Saturday, December 22nd.
Phase 1, Flight 5 will be open until late January.
Flight 6 will be open for approximately two months.

Roger Dean
born 1944

Van Gaard

Hans Heysen

Late 18th Century

The Mysterious Book Artist of Scotland
dates unknown; contemporary
Mysterious; works in Scotland

Adolf Wolfli

Theodore Chasseriau

Bruce Licher
dates unknown; contemporary

Vote for up to fours artists! Votes go in the comments. Commentary and links to additional work are welcome. This poll will be open for approximately two months past posting.


Morgan said...

Van Gaard, Hans Heysen, Chokha, and Scotland!

Christine M. said...

Chokha, Scottish Book Artist, Wolfli, Licher

Leonardo Piccioni said...

Chokha, Licher, Mysterious Scottish, Wolfli.

Elizabeth said...

Mysterious Book Artist

lamanyana said...

Roger Dean
Mysterious Book Artist
Adolf Wolfli
Bruce Licher

Chuckdaddy said...

Heyson, book artist, licher, wolfli

Nichim said...

Wolfli, Mysterious, Chokha, Heisen

Cartophiliac said...

Yes! Roger Dean!

mrs.5000 said...

Hans Heysen and Wolfli have my vote.

Michael5000 said...

Hey, where did my votes go?

Heysen and Wolfli seem like the slam dunks here to me. And I'm throwing in a vote for Van Gaard on an platform. Chokra, after all the digging around I did finding named artists in the South Asian tradition, I'm throwing under the bus. Heysen, Wolfli, Van Gaard.

PB said...

Definitely the Mysterious Book Artist of Scotland - those are awesome. I'm torn for my other three between Dean, Van Gaard, Heysen, and Chasseriau; I think in the end I'll go with the first three. So for ease:

Mysterious Book Artist
Van Gaard

Candida said...

Mysterious Book Artist of Scotland, Heysen, Wolfli, Chokha.

pfly said...

Oh my, I've fallen behind on voting, time to catch up! And without a huge amount of critical thought!

1 Hans Heysen
2 Adolf Wolfli
3 The Mysterious Book Artist of Scotland
4 Van Gaard

chuckdaddy2000 said...

I find it interesting that the Mrs. and you are one of the few people not to vote for the Mysterious Scottish Book Artist even though you both had votes to spare.

And I'll change my Licher to a Chokha

Michael5000 said...

Chuck: Licher to Chokha, check. You, Nichim, and Candida are voting en banc.

The MBAoS is... fine, but a bit twee for my tastes. Can't speak for the Mrs. Wouldn't dare, in fact.

Michael5000 said...

Here's a vote-by-email coming in:

"I'm voting Roger Dean, Hans Heysen (I love all window paintings -- have a collection of postcards of same), Chokha (how could you resist the Fat Falconer?) & the Mysterious Book Artist."

Alison said...

Van Gaard, Heysen, Scotland, Licher!

Michael5000 said...

And voting is hereby closed in this here play-in tournament flight, with The Mysterious Book Artist of Scotland, Heysen, and Wolfli advancing to the second phase.