Monday, May 18, 2015

New Monday Quiz Answers

The New Monday Quiz XIII

1. The dude with the turban might be a self-portrait of Jan van Eyck.
2. "Meaningless! Meaningless!" -- better known as "Vanity! Vanity!" -- is from Ecclesiastes 1:2.
3. The stamp is from Estonia.
4. Medea, Electra, and The Trojan Women: Euripides.
5. Duke Ellington.
6. The E-elements are Erbium, Europium, and Einsteinium.
7. The map shows church attendance in England: we don't usually see maps of just England.
8. Independent in 2002: East Timor."
9. The Elephant Man.  I've never seen it.
10. Edmonton is the Northernmost Western Hemisphere city of its size.

Out of three contestants, Mrs.5000 had the strongest showing with 8/10.

The New Monday Quiz XIV

1. Copper is used in electrical stuff a lot!
2. "Buck" is apparently in Call of the Wild.  Never read it.
3. The lovely Coelacanth.
4. Jimmy Carter ordered Operation Eagle Claw.
5. Mary Cassatt painted that particular woman with a pearl necklace.
6. A catalyst!
7. That's Cool Hand Luke eating too many eggs.
8. The word Χριστός is usually rendered as "Christ."
9. The map of Croatia is helpfully in the shape of a "C".
10. That's the Comedy of Errors.

Mrs.5000 got it again, the big show-off.  I probably mutter answers in my sleep.  Morgan, DrSchnell, and gS49 all got a highly respectable 9/10.

The New Monday Quiz XV

1. This time it's a map of Surinam.
2. Element #34 is Selenium.
3. Faransiiska, as every schoolboy knows, is Somali for "France."  As every Somali schoolboy knows, anyway.
4. The Suez Crisis was bad for British prestige, all right.
5. Striped rock is usually sedimentary rock.
6. Synecdoche!
7. Sketches of Spain.
8. A lot of medieval learning was Scholasticism.
9. Ooh, I like that painting.  John Singer Sargent.
10. The bit about entropy is the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

Ooh, it's a good old-fashioned blowout! Christine M. takes top marks on a challenging quiz about which there was considerable back-channel kvetching!

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