Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Infinite Art Tournament, Round One: Modersohn-Becker v. Modigliani!

Paula Modersohn-Becker
1876 - 1907


Amedeo Modigliani
1884 - 1920
Italian; worked in France


Vote for the artist of your choice! Votes go in the comments. Commentary and links to additional work are welcome. Polls open for at least one month past posting.


Morgan said...


pfly said...

Um. ...huh. ...Modersohn-Becker, I guess.

boonec1974 said...


Michael5000 said...

Susan votes for Modigliani.

Michael5000 said...

This is like comparing two varietals of apples! I'll go with Modersohn-Becker.

Candida said...

Uh, Modigliani?

Also, if I get to pick between two apple varietals, my favorite all-time apple is "Winter Banana."

Michael5000 said...

Well here's an exciting record -- SIX votes, an all-time low in the history of the Tournament. Fortunately, I guess, there's no result -- a three-three tie preserves the decencies by bumping both contestants gently back into the First Round, three months hence or however that works. It's been so long that I'll have to look it up.