Friday, October 2, 2015

Month to Month Resolutions: Where are they now?

Back in 2011, I did Quarterly Reports for a while in which I testified here about my progress on about a million different goals.  Then -- because, golly, what an exciting feature for you readers -- in 2012, I decided to triple the fun, and started doing "Month to Month Resolutions."  Like all things bloggy, that quickly faded away.

But now, as we begin the final quarter of 2015, I thought it might be fun to look back and see how I've done with my goals for what historians call "the Long April 2012" -- the period since I last set goals.

Progress, April 2012 - September 2015, and goals for October 2015

Weighing-in: The April 2012 Goal was "I will continue to weigh myself every morning in the established manner, and the late-March financial penalty of 10 cents per tenth of a pound over 200 pounds, daily, will continue through April.  Ha!  Ha Ha Ha!  (sob!)  This would be well over a $1000 penalty by now.  After ballooning to a record-high 218 in early summer, I've been stable at about 212 for the last few months.
  • October Goal: Maybe I could try to be stable at about 211 by the end of October.
Push-ups: Actually, it was my inability to stick to a push-up regimen that made me think about looking at these old posts.
  • October Goal: How about, I will try to perform ([date] + 10) push-ups every day in October!
Pull-ups: This was a new category in April 2012.  I'll just borrow in the same goal.
  • October Goal: " try to work towards a state of being where I am capable of doing pull-ups. It doesn’t really make sense to put a numerical value on this, as I’m far from sure I am able to do a single pull-up at this point. If I’m able to... do that exercise where you pull your knees up, I’ll try to do, oh, ten of those a day."
Cola: The April 2012 goal was "to consume no more than twelve units of cola per week."  However, I haven't had any cola in more than a month.
    • October Goal: To continue not drinking any cola.
    Veggies: The April 2012 goal was "no fewer than five units per week."
    • October Goal: You know, it's not like I'm wolfing down kale by the bushel or anything, but I actually feel like I eat enough veggies these days, and especially fruit, that it's not something I really need to track. 
    Other Old Goals: I also had formal goals for sending paper mail, writing projects, gardening, music, and quilting.  Well, good for me.  It's hard for me to imagine setting programmatic goals for such stuff at this particular point.

    New Categories:
      Running: Meanwhile, as you know, I try to keep myself motivated to run a lot.  After last year, when I made my 1000 mile goal, this year kind slipped through my hands with lots of problems in the first half of the year.  But, things have been picking up.  After logging 310 miles from January to June, I ran 260 from July to September.
      • October Goal: Run 80 miles
      Running: Since I gave myself over to running, my bicycle has sat basically unused.
      • October Goal: Confirm that bicycle is still in working order.  Take it for a spin around the neighborhood.
      The Transitive Property: One last odd one for October: I'm going to buy a monthly bus pass and not drive my car to work (unless of course I need to have it for work purposes, which happens every couple of weeks).  This should also allow after-work and weekend transit-based adventures!  ...although I am still allowed car-based, or for that matter, bike-based adventures as well. 

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