Monday, October 12, 2015

The New Monday Quiz

As promised, a break from the perils of the High Middle Ages.

1. The Biblical version of the political history of Judea and Israel can be found in ___________.

2. This is a fairly typical piece by what twentieth century artist?

3. What noble gas is getting all electrically excited here?

4. What country is this?

5. Here's a still from the Movie Everyone Is Talking About from five years ago; for now, it still clings to a place on the imdb top #250. What was the movie?

6. What's all this then?

7. If water boils at 373.16 degrees, we must be using what scale?

8. What type of energy is defined as "the energy possessed by mass in motion"?

9. What's this thing?

10. What's the name of this place?

Through History with The Monday Quiz: the 1140s

1. The Confederation that probably didn't start in 1142, but might have, is The Iriquois Confederation.
2. Catharism was a Christian heresy, unless you believed in it, in which case it was the true and correct form of Christianity.
3. Lex Mahumet pseudoprophete was a politically correct title for the Koran in medieval Europe.
4. Bernard of Clairvaux was successful in  Preaching the Second Crusade.  He felt bad about it later.
5. From 1145 to 1153, Merv is thought to have been the largest city in the world.  Which is kind of unsettling, if you think about it. 
6. With a name like Alexios I Komnenos, you must have been king of the Byzantine Empire.
7. Europeans encountered sugar.  So sweet!  So irresistible!  So hard to grow without slaves!
8. 1147 is the first date we know that Moscow had been founded.
9. A: Peru; B: France; C: Greece; D: India
10. The attack on Damascus by the Second Crusade was among the leading fiascos of the whole Crusader era, which is saying something.

Of our three on-time competitors, I saw Morgan's eight marks and thought, "Morgan's got it!"  Then I counted up DrSchnell's  8 1/2 marks and thought "DrSchnell snuck past Morgan for the win."  Then I counted up pfly's 9 marks, and was all, like, "Wow!"

Through History with The Monday Quiz: the 1130s

1. The problem with Anacletus' crowning of Roger II is that most people didn't consider him Pope; these days, he's classified as an "antipope."
2. St. Malachy of Armagh was in Ireland.
3. The troubled King of England was King Steven.
4. The fakey king immortalized by Geoffrey of Monmouth was King Arthur.
5. The important state in northwestern Russia for the next 300 years would be Novgorod
6. The most powerful European woman of the twelfth century was Eleanor of Aquitaine.  As played by Kate Hepburn in The Lion in Winter.
7. The baby boy of 1137 would grow up to be the great Saladin.
8. With the final fall of Aksum, you've got the beginning of modern Ethiopia.
9. The Great Aleppo earthquake.
10. After Pope Innocent was captured, he proclaimed at all of Roger II's outlandish claims, the ones they had been fighting over, had his official blessing.

The conqueror of the 1130s was Susan, for the second week running, although pfly got a pretty good slate of answers in there after the buzzer.


Morgan said...

I had almost forgot about the theme to these non-history Monday quizzes.

1. Kings
2. I recognize the guy, and I think that Mrs. 5000 voted for him. Klee?
3. Krypton
4. Kenya
5. King's Speech! I really liked this movie.
6. Kidney.
7. I take issue with this one, because temperatures in Kelvin aren't measured in degrees. P E D A N T R Y
8. Kinetic. 1/2mv^2 of it, in fact!
9. Well, it's a musical instrument, and you pluck the strings to make noise.
10. Kilimanjaro

gS49 said...

1. Kings (I & II)
2. Klee
3. Krypton
4. Kenya
5. King's Speech, The
6. Kidney
7. Kelvin
8. Kenetic
9. Koto
10. Kilamanjaro

Michael5000 said...

Regarding "the kelvin," I confess I had no idea. It was not an especially intuitive decision by the 13th General Conference on Weights and Measures, but I bow to that body's authority. I also want there to be a dance craze in which people do "the kelvin."

Thanks for the pedantry!

DrSchnell said...

1. book of Kings
3. Krypton
4. Kenya
5. King's Speech, the
6. Kidney
7. Kelvin
8. kinetic energy
9. kdulcimer?
10. Kilamanjaro, Mt.

pfly said...

1. Er...wait, don't tell me. The Bible?
2. Looks like Klee to me.
3. Neon, I assume.
4. Kenya.
5. The Hobbit, obviously.
6. That's a kidney.
7. Kelvin, I guess.
8. Kinetic?
9. Might be a dulcimer.
10. Kilimanjaro, to continue the Kenya theme?

PS, oh, it was a K- thing, oh well.

Ben said...

1. Kings
2. Kandinsky
4. Kenya
5. The King's Speech
6. Kidney (Kross-section)
7. Kelvin
8. Kinetic
10. Mt. Kilimanjaro

Anonymous said...

1 -
2 - Paul Klee
3 -
4 - Kenya
5 - The King's Speech
6 - Kidney
7 - Fahrenheit
8 -9 -
10 - Mount Kilimanjaro