Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Wednesday Post

Song of the American Road, part 4, take 2
We are here and it is cool today

Catching up with the postcards of February, 2010.


We are here and it is cool today. We are marked on the map. 1275 miles. -Fran

North Dakota is still there.  Well, it is in as much as anything as abstract as a "state" can be said to be "there."  In truth "North Dakota" exists, like money, only through an act of consensus imagination.  But the concept is still very much alive in the collective geographical consciousness, as evidenced by a thousand blithely confident maps.  They show you the lineaments of North Dakota, thereby implicitly arguing that North Dakota is a real thing, and that it merits mapping.

World's largest cheese kitchen (one of them).

Monday. Had 16 for Sunday dinner. 11 slept in the cabin. Mary and I slept in the car. Her cousin caught a big salmon. Weather is perfect. A little windy today.

Now there are just 6 here. Mary's cousin is here with us. -- Wish you were here. Love -- Linda.

The Tillamook Cheese factory is still there, although it is an entirely new building, I believe.  It is certainly not the world's largest "cheese kitchen" anymore, or "one of them" for that matter.  I have very grave doubts that it was ever in the running.


Hi you all. We are really having fun our trip was smooth the weather is warm, but not too, only so sticky see you all before too long

love E Russell

The skyline of Minneapolis is still there.  It has even grown a bit. If you look closely, you can find the building that dominates the postcard in the modern landscape.


Hi -- Having a break from the Rat Race. Weather perf.

The Bakers

Dorris, California is still there.  Its skyline has not grown as much as Minneapolis', and although many of the buildings are still extant, they all have new uses.  The water tower, and the crease in the hills, remain the same.

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