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Exploring the Evergreen State, Part VII
Coffee in the lobby or your room.

Last week, we were visiting Grand Coulee Dam.  That only whetted our appetite for the Bonneville Dam, which we'll stop by on the way back west through the Columbia River Gorge.  There's still a few weeks left in our tour of Washington, so we'll finish the day resting up at a roadside motel.

Surging waters of the mighty Columbia River, below the [unintelligible] of Bonneville Dam, Oregon and Washington.

Posted: September 30, 1967

Dear Ed & Bertha -

Here we are in Oregon.  Had a nice trip up.  Both fine and hope you both are the same.  Hope your foot is better Bertha.  Give our best to all.

Love from Edith & Gilbert

Air View of $100,000,000 Bonneville Dam on Columbia River Highway Connecting Oregon and Washington

Largest Lift Navigation Lock in the World

Forty-two miles east of Portland on the Columbia River is the [unintelligible] Bonneville Dam, erected at a cost of $65,000,000 and completed in 1940.

Burlington, Wash. Aug. 16 -50

Dear all: A line now to let you know that we are at the Dale's in an atmosphere of laughter when around Mae.  We all came here yesterday; drove thru rain almost the whole way.  To-day is sunshine again.  Dallon, Emil, and pa went to Canada (B.C.) to-day.  Tillie and I are helping Barbara keep house here.  Tillie was very busy putting beans and chickens in the locker before we came.  Will stay here until after Sunday.  We all are O.K. hoping that you all are the same, also hope that Delmar is getting along good.  With Love, pa and mom.

Called on St. Muellers [?] on our way here


On the Columbia River, connecting Washington and Oregon.  The ladders are a series of step pools which allow the salmon to swim upstream to their original spawning grounds.

Posted: June 30, 1959

Martha & Ani


This $52,000,000 navigation and power dam has created a deep lake 50 miles inland to The Dalles on the Columbia River.  It is navigable by ocean going vessels.  Of particular interest are the three sets of fishways which protect the passage of salmon up and down stream.

Not Posted

Dear gumma

I hope you will comme soon.  We are glad pa is here.  We will be up this summer.

Love Nora

On Highway 99 Beside the Cowlitz River

Cowlitz Motel
Rt. 1, Box 258 A

Just a few steps from the Cowlitz, one of the Northwest's favorite steelhead and trout streams...  Tiled showers...  room controlled electric heat.  Coffee in the lobby or your room... Good food next door.

Posted: November 8, 1963

Dear Bev & Al -

Waiting for Bill who is seeing a customer & thought of you guys so just a note to let you know we miss you.

Elenna & Bill

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So, HOW much did the Bonneville Dam cost to build?