Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Eight Quick Childrens' Quilts, Part V

This post appeared yesterday on my long-dormant quilt blog, State of the Craft.

I suppose you could say more cutting things about a fellow than that he has fallen down on the job of documenting his quilt output.


Well. I suppose the most pressing question on everybody's mind is "Gosh, Michael, whatever happened to those eight children's quilts you started knocking out four years ago?

In fact I finished the last of them last month! But this post isn't about this one.  This one is about the third-to-last of them, which I gave away sometime in early 2013.

In case it has slipped your mind, this series was all thrown together from my stock of premade squares in mostly checkerboard patterns.  Obviously we're not talking about particularly adventuresome design concepts, here.  That being said, I like this one!  The rich maroon and green trim (which was just salvage bedding) lends some dignity to the proceedings, and though I say it myself the off-kilter diagonal quilting was an inspired choice.

I also like that this one has a subtle theme.  There are four Asian-style dragons scattered through the piece (they are in light blocks, if you want to go looking for them).  That made it appropriate for the Bhutanese-American little girl that the blanket ended up with.  Look up the Bhutanese flag if you don't believe me.

The back was pieced together from a riot of smallish flannel scraps.  Again, of the eight quilts, this one seemed best aimed at the household it ended up in.  Doesn't it look kind of South Asian?  Also, if you look closely at the back, you can notice something that I had completely forgotten about: I interrupted the quilting pattern in order to pick out the four dragon squares.  Again, I have to congratulate the 2012-13 version of Michael5000.  He seems like he was pretty on the ball, to judge from this quilt.

The Specs

Pompous Title: 8 Small Scrap Quilts for Children #7, "Four Dragons"
Serial Number: 68

Dimensions: 54" x 41"
Batting: did not record.
Backing: Pieced scrap flannel.
Quilting: Conventional machine quilting with scrap thread at 30 degree diagonal.

Begun: May 2012
Finished: June 2012, according to my suspect records

Intended Use/Display: Child's blanket.
Provenance: As of this writing, still in active use as intended.

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Rebel said...

I have, in fact, been waiting anxiously for updates on your quilts! Love this one. I always love scrappy character quilts.