Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Blog Turns Nine

It's the Fluorine anniversary of Infinite Art Tournament, formerly known at the Life & Times of Michael5000!

Having a blog with such an incredibly long debris trail means that there is a lot out there in the world that, although I wrote it, isn't exactly key to my current lifestyle.  One of my posts that has been read by the largest audience over the years, for instance, is a guide to Scrabble strategy that I wrote back in Year One, in November 2007.  Last week, along comes a comment:
Question: I have been playing Scrabble on my iPad with the computer as my opponent. Occasionally, a window comes up which says I'm playing with a beginner computer player. Is there a way to have the computer become more competitive? Thanks, Nahnah
Now, as much as I like to be a good host, this is a really tough question to answer.  For one thing, I'm not really an iPad guy, and I've never played much Scrabble against computers in general. But even more to the point, I haven't played Scrabble for at least five years.  Scrabble is so... so... aughts!!  Sorry, Nahnah.  If you have any Agricola questions, I'm your man.

Fluorine is a noble gas.  Nobility is all fine and good, but the noble gasses are also a notoriously inert section of the periodic table.  That's appropriate, perhaps, for a blog that has been a bit inert lately outside of the steady march of the Tournament.  But then how many internet ventures do you know of that have lasted nine years without ever asking you for money?  Probably just one!

And mind you: when I get my flow, I'm still Dr. On-the-Go.  [blog inside joke so deep inside that only I will get it]  Wish me joy of the tenth year, will ya?


mrs.5000 said...

"An incredibly long debris trail"--what a lovely and apt expression. Now I know just how to brag to the other wives. The debris is, of course, also unusually varied, so sure to mislead any but the most lavishly funded of sampling expeditions. Happy anniversary.

Morgan said...

Fluorine has one too few valence electrons to be a noble gas so, unfortunately for your metaphor, reacts rather violently in its elemental form, especially with the alkali metals and hydrogen.

It was a cute sentiment, though. I certainly find the blog varied enough to enjoy coming back every day. Good luck further!

gl. said...

Are you now what you were? What you will be? And more importantly, are you still playing Fallen London?

Michael5000 said...

gl.: I am halfway in-between what I was and what I will be, although I share quite a bit in common with both. I am not playing Fallen London, although I will probably dip back into Sunless Sea at some point. Thanks for checking.