Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The Wednesday Post

Five Belated Farewells
Remember how I used to see artists off in the Wednesday Post after they got bumped from the Tournament? Well, I'm doing that today.

Paul Gauguin on a stamp from his "home away from home": French Polynesia. The inconspicuous word on the lower right shows that this stamp was printed by Imprimerie Delrieu, a Parisian printing house.  Did it ever pass through Polynesia?  I don't know!

For a big-name artist, Gauguin had a very rocky Tournament, going 1-2-2 with 33 votes for and 34 against.  He exited in August 2014.

Erich Heckel, honored on a 1974 German stamp.

Heckel went 1-2-1, with 20 votes in his favor and 24 against.  He left us in August 2015.

William Hogarth, featured on a 2014 stamp-like philatelic product licensed by the postal service of Togo.  Togo honored a wide variety of European artists in this 2014 series.

Hogarth had no wins and two losses, attracting only 9 votes in his favor and 12 against -- for better or worse, he had among the lowest voter turnout of any artist to date. He left us in August 2014.

Hans Holbein on a 1993 stamp from the Vatican.  Not very many people live in the Vatican, but I bet they originate more mail than most folks.

Holbein also underperformed relative to expectations, losing two straight with nine votes for and sixteen against.  He left the Tournament in August 2014.

Here's Alexei von Jawlensky, worth 80% of Herr Heckel in the same 1974 (West) German series.

Jawlensky lost both his contests by a single vote, but the key word is "lost."  He had 9 yeas but 11 nays -- he was another artist who had lousy turnout -- and left the tournament in October 2014.

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