Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The Infinite Art Tournament, Left Bracket Second Round: Thiebaud v. Teniers!

Wayne Thiebaud
Born 1920

Lost to Hendrick Terbrugghen in Round 1 by a two-vote swing. YOUR VOTE COUNTS!!!
Tied with Tiepolo in First Round Elimination.
Beat the U.S.S.R.'s Vladimir Tatlin in the last ever running of First Round Elimination.

David Teniers
1610 - 1690

Beat his contemporary Gerard Ter Borch in Round 1.
Lost to Mexico's Rufino Tamayo in Round 2.

Vote for the artist of your choice in the comments, or any other way that works for you. Commentary and links to additional work are welcome. Polls open for at least one month past posting, but likely much longer.


UnwiseOwl said...

It's hard to argue with a guy that seems to just draw cake, but...screw it, I'm voting for the cake. Thiebaud.

Morgan said...

Teniers. Not because the other guy "just draws cake", either -- I like Thiebaud! But Teniers is really hitting the right notes for me this morning.

Unknown said...

Teniers. Let them eat cake, etc etc

DrSchnell said...


boonec1974 said...

Eat 'm up Teniers!

mrs.5000 said...

Hey, Thiebaud has grown on me, but not enough to vote for here. Teniers!

Nichim said...


Michael5000 said...

Susan votes for Theibaud.

Michael5000 said...

Teniers. I like "let them eat cake." Let them also blow bubbles. Teniers for me.

Candida said...

It is rare for me to choose anything over desserts, but Teniers is glorious.

Michael5000 said...

Teniers strikes another blow for the Dutch Masters, taking down Theibaud with seven votes against three. He'll take on another Dutch Master in the Third Round.