Saturday, January 13, 2018

The Semi-Finals: Avercamp v. Basquiat!

"Semifinals" designates the Fourth to Seventh Rounds of the Infinite Art Tournament, and it's what we're going to be doing on weekends for a while.  This is a Left Bracket Fourth Round Match between Hendrick Avercamp (5-1-3, 71-46, .607) and Jean-Michel Basquiat (3-1, 25-13, .658).  Basquiat has been waiting for Avercamp's series of ties to be resolved since he lost to Balla in an October 2012 match. Leaving the Tournament this week after falling to Avercamp is Sofonisba Anguissola (3-2-1, 44-35, .557).

Hendrick Avercamp

Jean-Michel Basquiat
1960 - 1986
  • Defeated Georg Baselitz in Round 1
  • Decisively defeated Italian master Jacopo Bassano in Round 2.
  • Beat German artist Max Beckman in Round 3.
  • Lost to Giacomo Balla in Round 4.


Christine M. said...


Morgan said...

Avercamp. My gears spun on this one for a while. I like the Basquiat skull painting the best out of everything here, but Avercamp is, on average, nicer.

Michael5000 said...

Rebecca votes for Avercamp on FB.

Alex Shields said...

People on ice? Isn't even a choice, gotta go with that Avercamp

mrs.5000 said...

Sure, Avercamp! Didn't expect he'd be around so long, but I'll take him over that scribbler Basquiat.

Nichim said...

I was going to say "apples and oranges" but they are both such great historical documentarians. So I'm going with the recent history and my man Basquiat.

boonec1974 said...

Elliott and Nora are not impressed by Basquiat and vote for Avercamp. I love both for diametrically-opposed reasons. This is like a an apples versus couches match-up. I'll go Basquiat.

Herpes de L'amour said...